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colmarfi 09-06-2019 03:02 AM

Test results & Coronary Artery Disease with good numbers

I recently received the following results from my stress test and cardio echogram and wondered if anyone could share their thoughts both on whether they have had similar results and what happened and possibilities of what to expect next. And in general what could have caused the results (see below for more info on that based on past history).

[I]Perfusion Data: Abnormal - There is moderate sized, moderate intensity anteroseptal defect that is that is mostly reversible. Maybe breast attenuation but cannot rule out ischemia. There is also a large sized, severe intensity inferolateral defect that is reversible that is suggestive of ischemia. Patient has history of elevated hemidiaphragm.

Left Ventricular Function: The left ventricular function is normal
Nuclear Impression: High probability for hemodynamically significant coronary artery disease.

Risk of a future cardiac event: There is a high risk for a future cardiac event

Wall Thickness: Asymmetrical Septal Hypertrophy[/I]

I was caught off guard for any of this for a couple reasons. I was going in for an EKG for clearance for the elevated hemidiaphragm.

1. I have never had chest pain before - and whenever this happened I believe is when I started having issues of extreme fatigue, sometime between March and May of this year.

2. I had a cardioecho in 2017 and it showed none of these results, except for trace regurgitation.

3. I am 49 and have never had high BP (average is 117/75), never had high cholesterol, currently 103 - highest was 186 when I was heavier 15 years ago. Good HDL/LDL levels and Triglycerides are 53.

If cholesterol plaque is what clogs your arteries, and mine is excellent, what is causing it? I am waiting to go back to my cardio for the follow, but talking to my primary he was surprised with my numbers that I would have any sign of CAD. Thank you.

I'm pretty nervous, I don't have much of a support group as I have no siblings or children, and I work from home. So am feeling even more alone and isolated than normal. :(

yayagirl 09-06-2019 06:37 AM

Re: Test results & Coronary Artery Disease with good numbers
Hi colmarfi.

The problem may just be from inactivity. You probably just need to make some age related lifestyle changes. Many of us find that we need to do that.

Here is some helpful information -

There are exercise or walking groups you can find and join. Do get involved with other people. We all need encouragement and human relationships. My husband and I have dogs and we stay in touch with freinds. They do a lot to keep us active and paying attention to our and their well-being.

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