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Chris1338 11-28-2004 01:04 PM

wuts going on
hi im 14 years old and i have been having weird feelings in my chest, mostly on the left side. It just started happening with no precursors at all about 2 days ago. it isnt really pain, it is just like an odd sensation. When i go to sleep it goes away, same thing if im just laying down. If i take a deep breath it makes my chest feel better for a while then it comes back. it is a constant feeling, and its not sharp or a jolt of pain, its just a dull feeling in my chest. Im very young and i am active, and no one in my family has any history of heart disease. My mom had some heart ahrrythmia a while ago, but thats about it. Someone help me its really freaking me out, and i dont htink my parents would take me to the doctor to get it checked out because i worry about everything and think i have a disease. I try not to think about it but it still persists. I dont have any nausia, dizzyness, sweating or any other symptoms. im really worried about it and i dont think i will be able to see a doctor unless i have a heart attack or something because my parents will just blow it off.

butterflytrans 11-28-2004 01:24 PM

Re: wuts going on
The chances of you having any heart problems are less than 0.1%.

Unless you are fainting often, are getting very short of breath when you're trying to do something you could normally do before, see swelling in your ankles, etc. etc. I wouldn't worry about it. The symptoms can be distressing, but that is mostly associatd with the anxiety of having palpitations.

Chris1338 11-28-2004 01:30 PM

Re: wuts going on
but i have never had them before and it just randomly started. do you mean heart palpitations are normal?

Shawn98 11-28-2004 03:40 PM

Re: wuts going on
chris this is prolly an anxiety problem that you are having. and the fainting can be anxiety to if u only feel as if you are going to faint. u can pass out from fear. if u do not have a hard time breathing, no chest pain, u are going to be fine. trust me, try not to think about it. your mind will only make it worse.

tigeress_181 11-29-2004 01:30 AM

Re: wuts going on
I agree with shawn98, its common in teenagers and early 20's even sometimes till your 30. Its stress and anxiety.

You need to calm down and not be a worry to go somewhere where you can relax like the park or something or learn to meditate.

I know I've suffered panic and anxiety attacks for years!.......sometimes it happened while I was sleeping and sometimes for no reason at all........if you get or feel a palpitation coming on lay down and elevate your legs....if its a bad one where it feels like your heart is going to jump out and run down the street apply a cold compress (cold wet flannel/ washcloth is good) and suck on some ice.

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