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funkypinklizard 12-03-2004 03:48 PM

sharp pains?
hi not sure if im on the right board for this or not but i keep getting these sharp pains in my chest, ...well actually....its mostly in my chest but i get it on my side every now n then and under my left 1st i thought that it might just be growing pains, as im 18....but usually growing pains r just really sharp pains...arent they?....i get sharp pains but they last a couple of seconds then turn into, theres somethign there and its being squeezed and tightens up.....i get it after ive eaten or when im walking or sitting...or just lying down

...its very unpredictable n i dont kno when its gunna went away for a couple of weeks but then came bck and im not really sure whats wrong if anything, r these just growing pains? ....i keep meaning to go see the doc but keep forgettin, because the pain has gone so i dont think about it and when it comes its too late to i never get round to it so just thought id ask if anyone ere knew what it might be??

thnx in advance :)

Eileen2345 12-05-2004 10:52 AM

Re: sharp pains?
Sharp pains are usually not cardiac related.
It is the dull, crushing pain that is cardiac related.

When you have a chance, mention this to your doctor.

Best Wishes -- Eileen

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