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rc998 12-09-2004 08:21 PM

heart disease
i am a 30 yr old male with boderline high bp and cholestrol. the last few days i am getting a sharp pain on the left side of my chest that lasts for 5 seconds then stops. is this angina or could it be heart disease?? the pain comes and goes thruout the day? what are the kinds of pains u get with a heart attack or heart disease. i have got pvc's before but never a sharp pain like this. i do have mitral valve prolapse, and my cardoligist cant see me til jan 5th? what do i do?? i also do a mile on the treadmill about 3-4 days a week i dont get pain when im on it but the pain did start about a hald hour after i ran on it yesterday.


vinny1957 12-24-2004 11:14 PM

Re: heart disease
Hi, I had the same type pain, sharp at times and latter a dull pain. I'm 47, but a long story short, I ended up with 3 stents in one artery. Not to scare you, but I would stop the tread mill and I was told one 81mg. asprin a day was good to take. Call your Dr. and see about this it might help untill you can get in.

Lenin 12-25-2004 12:53 PM

Re: heart disease
a sharp recurrent pain that last 5 seconds is very likely NOT associate with heart disease.

Eileen2345 12-26-2004 07:16 PM

Re: heart disease
Lenin is correct.

Sharp pain is not cardiac related.

Dull, crushing pain is cardiac related.

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