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CocoandChase 12-25-2004 09:32 PM

Bad Heart And Anesthesia

Has anyone had experience with be anesthesized for hernia surgery with a heart problem? I am concerned about a family member, he is 72 y.o. and needs a double hernia surgically repaired. He had a heart attack years ago and at that time the only thing keeping him alive was new artery "offshoots" and was told then to get his house in order. His Dr. is ordering testd on his heart to determine if he will be ok and then the anesthesiologist will decide. I would like to know if anyone has had experience with hernia surgery and heart conditions. He takes an awful lot of nitro too. Thanks!


anon2239 12-26-2004 04:55 PM

Re: Bad Heart And Anesthesia
Coco, If the anesthesiologist is good they will not be willing to put anyone under unless the tests look good. But saying that, I was operated on this past summer for gallbladder. Developed a large hernia from the surgery, went to another doctor and hospital to have hernia fixed, anesthesiologist at that hospital would not put me under. Ran more tests including heartcath. They did triple bypass in Sept. Finally had hernia fixed in late November. Feel very fortunate for that second anesthesiologist!!!

Guess what I would tell you is that you need to make sure all the proper tests are done, not just EKG.


Excelsoir 12-27-2004 06:28 PM

Re: Bad Heart And Anesthesia
Obviously there are risk factors, and expert assessment and monitoring during surgery must be done by a competent person. These things often come down to a risk/benefit analysis, and these factors should be explained to your family member, so that he/she can make some contribution to the decision.These choices can be difficult, because mostly the doctors are talking in "probabilities" rather than precise outcomes. All the best to your family member and good luck.

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