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richdaws1984 12-31-2004 07:44 AM

Fast Heart Rate and other stuff.

I have never used a forum like this before but i am getting fed up of whatever it is thats wrong with me. Its very long i know, but i think its valid. Please read!! lol

Heres the story:

About 3 months ago i started noticing my pulse all over my body and i had a heart rate of around 80 - 100. I could be sat down watching tv or at work or anywhere and i would feel everytime my heart beated. Like a twitching sensation. I could feel this all over my body but most noticeably in my temples and stomach.

I though noting of it and left it alone as it didnt effect me and i wasnt concerned.

I then went on a "lads" weekend to Amsterdam. Obviously i smoked some weed , no stupid amounts, but i fell ill because of it. My heart rate shot up to 150 bpm and i was basically just stoned but i felt like i was going to have a heart attack.

I went back to the hotel and slept it off but didnt feel right again for a few days.

Since then i got back to normal and went back to occasionally feeling the pulsating of my heart beat around my body.

I seemed to be getting more and more aware of this and my heart rate seemed to be increasing. I found myself constantly checking my heart rate every 20 minutes to see if it was fast.

In the end i went to the doctors and had an ECG. This was normal but he did agree that my heart rate was slightly fast and he put me on a 12 week waiting list to have a 24 monitor.

Two days after this is was out in the pub with friends when i felt dizzy and had a sharp pain in my chest, like a tightness. I drove home and the pain got worse and worse on the way.

When i got home i was starting to panic because it was effecting my breathing and my mum and dad took me to hospital.

I had another ECG which was normal but my heart rate was 120 bpm and i still had the chest pain whcih felt like some one had stuck there hand in my body and grabbed hold of my heart and bottom of my left lung.

I was given morphine for the pain which went instantly.

I had blood tests and chest x-ray - both normal.

By then my heart rate was 150 bpm.

I was kept in over night on a monitor and by morning my hert rate was down to 110 bpm but i still had the same chest pain.

I had an ultrasound of the heart which was again - fine. I was then sent home and told to rest.

The pain now seems to come and go. Its most noticeable when i breath in deeply and my heart rate is averaging at around 80bpm.

I have noticed that when i think about my pains and my heart, this is when it starts to beat faster and i work myself up and up and up. Also i seem to have a constant worrying feeling in my stomach, like im nervous.

I am now concerned about going out because when my heart beats fast i feel like passing out or sitting down and i dont want to feel like this in front of people.

Another thing worth mentioning is:

I was going out with this girl for only two months when we decided to finish it but i cant stop thinking about her and this is the time when my heart rate goes up and i feel nervous, almost sick. I see her out and about in pubs, etc... and still get on as friends. I try and try to pin point what it is about her that makes me feel like this. Its not that i want to get back together with her more like i dont want her to start seeing any of my friends.

I feel like i have to go out to make sure i dont miss anything and that she doesnt get with one of my friends. I was due to meet a few friends in the pub yesterday and as was about to go in my heart rate shot up so high i felt like i was going to faint and needed to sit down, but when i got in and settled with my mates the heart rate slowed.

Yesterday the doc gave me some pills to slow my heart rate down and said they should start effect soon.

Overall im still feeling the chest pain constantly and the fast heart rate is triggered by constantly thinking about it and the fear of missing out on things if i dont go out. I also think the worse of everything health related, like i thought i was having a heart attack and cant get this out of my head.

Any ideas anybody?

Sorry for the shocking length of the message and if you read it all, thank -you very much!!

richdaws1984 12-31-2004 07:47 AM

Re: Fast Heart Rate and other stuff.
Oh by the way im 20, male, generaly healthy, quite skinny, drink socially about 10-12 pints a week but recently stopped drinking sice november. Non-smoker.

As im writing this im nervous about going out tonight for new years eve incase i
get a fast heart rate and almost pass out.

worrygirl 01-02-2005 12:17 PM

Re: Fast Heart Rate and other stuff.
Welcome to the world of panic and anxiety attacks.....I hope your stay is rather short.

richdaws1984 01-03-2005 01:17 PM

Re: Fast Heart Rate and other stuff.
Yeah, i do see panic/anxiety as what it could be.

I have since calmed down again now but seem to get worked up and get the fast heart rate back when i go out places. Its like im worried what people are going to say about me if im not there all the time, so i find myself going out to the pub or where ever just so i dont miss anything! Stupid i know cus my friends are all cool!

I have however got the chest pain/ back pain constantly no matter what im doing. Its like ive got i broken rib cage and when i breathe in they stick into my heart, lungs and muscles. Its really horrible and quite annoying.

Anyway, thats me done, i hope i get over this panic thing quick cus its the most horrible feeling you can get, nearly as bad as being kicked in the balls!!!

He He! Thanks for the comments!

Kitten1980 01-03-2005 01:26 PM

Re: Fast Heart Rate and other stuff.
I'm not by any means qualified to diagnose you, but it sounds like anxiety is triggering the fast heart rate and other symptoms. You'd need a full evaluation to check for underlying physical causes but if none can be found it may be that anxiety/panic is the cause (and though it's considered a "mental" illness, it is every bit as physically real as any other disease and you deserve to find out what is going on and get it treated properly).

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