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susanp 12-31-2004 02:49 PM

Being Sent To a Heart Doctor?
Today I went to see my regular gp doctor for only a follow up since he knew I was diagnosed with sjogrens by my rhuematologist,and auto immune disorder. Well as he asks me about how my respiratory problems are now , I begin to tell him that I have regular flares that begin with a squeezing feeling down deep in my windpipe,and then a air pressure feeling that lasts a few hours on top of my left shoulder,then from the windpipe I feel the pain move down lower similar to a pleurisy type feeling and shortness of breathe. This whole time I am thinking the problems from the sjorens and lungs and suddenly he asks me to repeat all that ,and says it may be my heart,and sets me up with a heart doctor and stress tests and other tests. I am very nervous and scared now. What do you all think? I would appreciate your comments , I really need to hear from you. He also said I seem depressed, yeah , well duh! lol. HE sends me home with nitro glicerin which reallyl scares me.
susanp :confused:

Fizzickle 12-31-2004 07:52 PM

Re: Being Sent To a Heart Doctor?
Susan, how regular are these flares? And are they brought on by physical exercise or exertion? If the doc gave you nitro. he obviously thinks you have angina. Angina is almost always brought on by exertion, and goes away when you stop the exertion.

At any rate, whether this is angina or not, the correct thing to do is to see a cardiologist. He can run the necessary tests to determine whether you have heart problems or not.

I've lived with coronary problems for 30 years following a heart attack in 1974. But I lead a very normal life. And I consider my cardiologist to be a friend indeed.

Anyway, don't be scared. You're doing the right thing by going to be tested.

And best of luck.


susanp 12-31-2004 09:56 PM

Re: Being Sent To a Heart Doctor?
Thankyou Bill,
for your response. I have not had any pain on exertion, but I know it's a good idea anyway to get my heart checked out. Someone told me that nytroglycerin can also relax esophagus spasms, so that it could still help the pain I experience ,yet still not have a heart problem. I guess it's best to find out and not guess. I think I am also a bit depressed. I will be ok though.
susanp :angel:

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