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ettig 01-12-2005 12:40 PM

Help to translate an article
Yesterday I found a article about variant angina. But since that english is my second language, and the fact that its a complicated subject Im having some problems understanding it. So Im hoping that some one here could help me, and explain it to me.[URL=]The article can be found here.[/URL]

From what I understand some doctors belive that theres a connection between variant angina(VA) and how your body burn/use LDL.

So the my question is does people with a high level of LDL have a higher risk of developping VA? And what is it with vitamin e, that they are talking about?

Lenin 01-12-2005 02:22 PM

Re: Help to translate an article
It's a tortured article and I think the author may also have English as a second could benefit from a good proofreader's pen.

Anyway the gist of the whole thing is really the conclusion:
[quote]In conclusion, a low plasma level of antioxidant vitamin E was demonstrated in patients with active variant angina but not in patients with the inactive stage of variant angina, suggesting that the plasma status of vitamin E is linked to the activity of coronary artery spasm.

The LDL discussion is just ancillary (extra) and points to the POSSIBILITY that the shortage of Vitamin E might cause more oxidation of LDL and that the oxidized LDL might be a vasoconstictor, causing spasm.
They sought to examine the relationship (not necessarily cause and effect) of Vitamin E and variant angina and found some reasonable correlation. Little more should be drawn than that!

I hope that helped a bit.

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