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    Heart Palpitations

    I've been looking on the internet and have seen many people talking about situations very similar to mine but none that were exactly the same, so here's basically what's going on with me:

    -Starting about a week ago I started having sudden fast heart beats, and had a strong "feeling" of the heart pumping. I later learn these are called "heart palpitations."

    -I've felt similar sensations before during stressful (as in physically stressful) times but never "coming out of nowhere." After living with these palpitations on and off for a day and getting pretty nervous I go to a doctor (in this case campus health as I'm a college student and its free.) The doctor there listens to my heart and takes my blood pressure.

    My blood pressure is good (120 something over something IIRC) according to her and my pulse is slightly elevated (110 bpm.) She says that this is somewhat high but not high enough to worry about. I do exercise (I am overweight, but try to combat that on and off) and have a heart rate monitor so I know that 110 is a good 30 beats faster than my normal resting heart rate.

    Anyways she says there is nothing abnormal about the beating so I should be fine. I go home and calm down for a few days.

    I have the palipations still but it's very occasional, like briefly (always right before I go to bed though, without fail.)

    Anyways come that Friday I decide to enjoy myself and engage in some drinking, come home and drink a good amount of Dr. Pepper (last caffeine drink I've had, and I've decided I won't consume caffeine ever again.)

    I wake up the next morning I feel like I'm having a heart attack (what I imagine a heart attack feels like anyways), or I think something is seriously wrong. The palpiations are *very* strong now, and I get more and more worried and it feels like it's just growing exponentially. I head over the emergency room (no big surprise for me, I'm obsessive about little health problems.)

    There they hook me up to some machine for the whole time I'm there that monitors my heart rate. Then they take an ekg (ecg?, however its spelled) do chest X-rays, and take blood (for testing?) Anyways I'm there for a long time and the doctor finally says he's found no problems and that the palpitations could be caused by a lot of things. But he seems to rule out anything dealing with the heart muscle itself except for what he said could be "some sort of abnormality." He put me a holter monitor for 48 hours and I turned that back in the other day (I've yet to be told anything about the results.)

    This puts me at ease somewhat so I go home and buy lots of healthy foods and resign myself to only eating healthy now. I also just started relaxing and not worrying about school as much, and drank lots of water.

    I was still having a small amount of the palpitations though. I noticed that they came after I ate, much of the time. I was also noticing that when I'd release gas (in whatever way) they would abate. Or if I needed to go do a BM, that would relieve the palpitations. I'm no doctor but it just seems like there's some sort of link with my digestive system.

    But also without fail I get the palpitations when I lay down to go to sleep. The last few nights it's been minor, I've ignored them and tried not to think about them and after a few seconds they go away and I get to sleep. Tonight though (the reason I'm up at 7am is because of them, and that's why I searched out this forum) they bothered me a lot again. And I also feel a "throbbing" sensation in my stomach that goes along with the palpitations (this has happened before too.)

    Anyways right as I feel like I'm passing into unconsciousness laying on my bed my heart "jumps" and suddenly it's racing. Or I sort of feel this "disoriented/tingling" feeling. If I get up, it stops. When I lay back down I'm fine, until I'm *about* to fall asleep, then I have one of these attack. I should mention that this is pretty much how it happened the first time before I went to the doctor but I didn't really "remember" that was how it was until I had the incident just now.

    I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor one day next week, and I plan telling her about my symptoms in as much detail as possible.

    But I was wondering if anyone here has gone through this? I'd really like to know what possible problems I could be looking at (considering I "passed" all the tests they did at the hospital.)

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    Re: Heart Palpitations

    I too am no Doctor but it is a fact that people with a tendency for palpatations are affected by bloating and pressure that can overstimulate an already hypersensitive electrical system in your heart.Try to find ways to controll your digestive problems and you will improve your heart palps. Eat well and slowly,eat smaller meals,avoid the gas triggering foods,take GasX tablets when you get bloated,and learn to relax as much as possible. Good Luck!

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    Re: Heart Palpitations

    that's what I suspect, my abdoman feels like it is ballooning, and I have heart pounding sensation.
    If I burp, I feel the pressure on my heart has been eased, but just for few minutes.

    I tried Gas-X, but I'm not sure what this thing is really doing. TV commercial looks as
    if gas-x pops bubbles, but not elliminate gas per se.

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