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richdaws1984 06-13-2005 07:47 AM

Heart Rate

I was diagnosed with SVT 6 months ago. Since then i have been taking calcium channel blockers (120mg slow-release, twice daily) as well as an aspirin each day.

I dont think i have SVT. I have been in hospital twice and had all the tests and in the end they told me i had SVT. I went to hospital because i had fast heart beat (reached a maximum of 150 in hospital) and had sharp chest pains and felt dizzy.

With SVT you can have a really fast heart beat of like 200+ and episodes can happen suddenly and disappear just as fast. I have never had a sudden attack like this nor has my heart rate reached anywhere near this high.

All i get is a fast heart beat of about 120 and this nearly always happens during social occasssions. To me this points to anxiety although i am not an anxious person. I always seem to worry about social occassions, not because im am "scarred" of the social aspect but more because i dont want my heart to start beating really fast. Its not just social situations its times when im away from home and i know i wont be able to get help should i need it.

I was just resting heart rate is usually between 68-80. The lowest it goes is around 64 when im falling to sleep. (i suppose it might get a bit slower when im asleep but i wouldnt know)

People talk about their resting heart rates and their exercise heart rates but what about when you are just doing in between stuff?

By this i mean things like socialising. When im at a gig, in a pub or club my heart rate seems to be a bit high for my liking and im always aware of this constantly checking it. Then i worry about it being fast and hope i dont end up back at hospital. I can be sat in the pub quiety (no alcohol) and my bpm will be between 100 and 120.

Is this normal?

Im sure i dont have SVT. If i stopped taking the medication (which i wont because im not allowed) im sure i would see no change in how i feel and what im experiencing.

btw - i have had a 24 tape which come back OK. Im 21 and male. Average health, skinny.

thanks people!!!

cheer up 06-13-2005 10:16 AM

Re: Heart Rate
You sound more like you've gotten anxiety ridden over this, than that you have a big problem.

Worry/anxiety will make it much worse and more noticeable. If I were you, I would make one more appointment == find yourself a cardiologist who specializes in rhythm problems, i.e., an electrophysiologist. Almost every group of "heart" docs has someone on staff who specializes in that. He will do another EKG and more importantly, will LISTEN to your heart with his stethoscope from many different angles. If the arrythmia is there, he'll likely hear it. Then you will have two opinions.

ER docs are good but it's always best to follow up with your own specialist. Better that than continuing to assume you've got something you may not have and take unnecessary drugs.

In the meantime, please understand that everyone has peculiar heartbeats, etc., once in awhile and most people don't notice them. Those of us who are in tune with this stuff suffer the most. If you worry, you're even worse off. Trust me, I am the queen of worrywarts and have suffered stress/anxiety/panic for years. Even REAL ailments seem worse when you're obsessing about them all the time.

That's my two cents -- I'd see a cardiologist with background in electrophysiology. Good luck to you -- I'm sure you are healthy!

kaykay5 06-14-2005 09:28 AM

Re: Heart Rate
I too had the rapid heart beat 120+. Cardiologist checked me out and determined it was anxiety. My normal rate is still high at 90 but has been my whole life. At least your normal rate is at a reasonable level. He said I must just genetically have a fast heart. I'm being treated with Zoloft and Klonopin since I have had insomnia since this began 3 months ago.
Good luck to you.

smyrnaboy 06-14-2005 01:41 PM

Stop Checking Your Pulse/Heart Rate
Anxiety can trigger a high "in between" heart rate when you are engaging in daily, non-exercise activities. The web gets even more tangled when you repeatedly check your pulse; then not only is your heart rate higher, but you start to hear or feel it. It is a bad cycle. If you slowly start to ween yourself from checking the heartrate, I bet you stop noticing it and calm down.

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