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but 04-05-2006 01:10 AM

HELP!!anyone re. Cardiac ablation problems
Could anyone please help me? Has anyone had problems following a cardiac ablation?I have had, and have pericarditis also severe chest pains and difficulty in breathing, my sympoms are worse in the evening and night and I daren't go to sleep some nights.I have pains all round my rib cage and would like to know iff this is due to the operation or something else?I am only 30 years old and have had SVT/Arrythmias for the past 13 years and thought the ablation would help me have a better quality of life than I had previously.I have been admitted to hospital 4 times in the last 5 weeks and I am almost at my wits end as to what to do as the drs etc say there is something wrong but they don't know what!!

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