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confused32 05-05-2006 03:31 PM

went to a new cardio today
I went to see a new cardio today for a 2nd opinion on my heart issue that i think i have. I have posted before about my health issue and what i think is a heart problem. I have had every test done other than the cardia cath. They all say my heart is fine other than i do have MVP but nothing serious. I went to see this new doctor today and im still in shock over the visit. He walked in and i said "hi" i got no reply, he sat down and looked in my folder and then ask are you on birthcontrol i said yes, he then picks up the phone and calls for someone to bring in samples of advicor. Then he ask about my family history of heart problems, i said my father and grandfather both died of heart issues. He said my cholesterol is horrible and to take this medicine cause more than likely due to that and my family history i have blockage. Then ask how i found him i said by the doctor referal number and on the net. He had me get on the computer in the room and show him how i found his heart group and was so happy they were top on the list.........there i am in there worried about my heart and he is freakin worried about his web site!!!!!!!!!!! :nono: He said that the only test left if the cardiac cath but doesnt feel its necassary right now but he is sure in time i will need stents placed!!!!!!! What the heck kind of doctor is that??? He said my first cardio wasnt doing his job right by not treating the cholesterol problem now. My nubmers on my first blood test were total 245 HDL 40 i cant remember the LDL but it was high and the trig was ok. I totally changed my diet and then 2 weeks later had blood work done in the ER my numbers were 186 total HDL 27 and i think the LDL was a little on the high side but not to bad. I told him i was trying to lower it by diet and exercise he said that wont help take this statin, well im NOT taking it. I came home and made an appoitment to see yet another cardio and see what he says, i was just so disturbed by this visit and how he acted that i dont trust his word on anything. Am i right by feeling this way??? Oh and he didnt even listen to my heart they took my BP and did an EKG that was it!!!!

penk 05-05-2006 03:53 PM

Re: went to a new cardio today
Oh my goodness.....I know you are confused for sure, now. He didn't listen to your heart? and he was more interested in his website and how you found him? Oh, and he didn't even reply when you said hi? I like doctors *especially if I meeting them for the FIRST time* to shake my hand and look me in the eye like I'm a person and not just another name and number who has come to their clinic. Having said all of that , well, if you don't like him, forget this visit ever took place and go to another. It's a free country and you have the reins, this is your body. I do think, however, given your family history, taking the cholesterol medicine is not a bad idea. Your second blood test results is much improved from the first. Do you have the TOTAL cholesterol number? I know they want the total down under 200 with the HDL higher than the LDL. If you think you can do this with diet and exercise, keep up the good work and get it checked again (I don't know, 3 months?) and see how you are doing. Being sick is stressful enough and then you have to worry about the doctor.....look for respect, and one who will take a genuine interest in you. Hang in there.

confused32 05-05-2006 05:54 PM

Re: went to a new cardio today
My second blood test showed my total cholesterol at 186 so it was under 200 but the HDL was 27 so not good at all. My first doctor said to do the exercise and diet and test in 3 months which will be July. I think i will go see this other doctor next week and see what he says then do the new blood work in July and see where my numbers are then, and if they are still not great i will give the statins a try i guess. I just wish i would have had my mom go in with me, i was just amazed at how this doctor was, so cold and unfriendly and just rude i think. He looked at me in the face maybe one time in the whole 10 minutes he was in with me.

seaecho 05-07-2006 11:35 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today
Wow, I agree with you completely about seeing another cardiologist. This guy was no help at all, and talk about a crummy bedside manner! What a jerk. There are plenty of cardiologists out there who will explain test results to you and be able to reassure you, like the one I saw. Your cardiologist made it sound like you are a time bomb waiting to go off. So don't go back to him again. Your second cholesterol results were indeed much better, BUT, as you already stated, an HDL of 27 is too low. Your goal is to get it over 40. Your LDL goal should be under 100. That's great that your triglycerides are good.

Here is what happened with me - I had gained nearly 40 pounds, mainly from increasing age, nearing menopause, and eating lots of fatty foods and candy, and slacking off on the exercise. I'd always been skinny my whole life, and suddenly I got on the scale one day and it read 172! I could not believe it. My doctor ran my yearly blood panel, and my total cholesterol was 272! My LDL was 150, my HDL was 46. My triglycerides were OK. This scared me. So I went on a low fat diet and exercised every day on an exercise bike for 20 minutes. In six weeks I had my blood rechecked and my total cholesterol was down to 219. 53 points in six weeks - so [B]unless its genetic,[/B] you CAN get it down. I'm proof. They wanted to put me on Lovastatin, but I wanted to see if I could do it with diet and exercise alone. It isn't easy, but it can be done. Fear is what motivated me - I didn't want a heart attack or stroke. I also lost 37 lbs. in the last nine months, so my cholesterol is probably down even more by now.

Since your HDL is low, how is your diet? Do you eat fish at least twice a week (those omega-3 fatty acids really help to boost HDL) and lots of veggies and fruits? Particularly citrus? Those will also boost your HDL. Do you eat only whole grain breads, cereal and pasta? How about yogurt? Oatmeal? And keep your egg consumption down to no more than two eggs per week. No processed meats like bologna, sausage or bacon. I don't often eat red meat. If you want a burger, eat turkey burgers - they're GOOD! Eat soy protein. I drink only soy milk and eat only soy cheese. Of course, it goes without saying you shouldn't eat fast food or fried foods. Just these changes (plus reading labels and staying away from saturated and trans fats) has made all the difference in my cholesterol readings. I keep my bad fat consumption under 30 gms. a day. Are you overweight? If so, losing even 10 lbs. can make a bigger difference than you realize. And of course, daily exercise is necessary on most, or all days of the week.

If your cholesterol problem is genetic, you may indeed have to start a cholesterol lowering drug. Some people cannot (due to their genes) get their cholesterol lower than a certain level even with the proper diet and exercise. You'll know if you're one of these people when you have your bloodwork done again, after eating correctly and exercising (no excuses!) Every doctor is different, but most seem to draw the line of introducing drugs when a person's total cholesterol is about 250. So yours is really not that bad. Sounds like you mainly just need to boost that HDL, which most people can easily do with the diet I outlined above. Good luck!


liverock 05-08-2006 05:16 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today

I noticed you say that you have MVP and are on birth control pills. Both of these can cause low magnesium levels which in turn can cause heart arrythmias. You might want to try a daily dose of 500mg of magnesium.

confused32 05-08-2006 05:23 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today
Im not on b/c pills. I have an IUD, they said that my IUD shouldnt cause any hormonal problems.

liverock 05-08-2006 09:27 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today

Sorry about the misunderstanding on b/c. Magnesium shortage howewver is definitely implicated in MVP. Check out MVP+magnesium on google.

penk 05-08-2006 11:53 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today
Liverstock, I think I will look up the MVP and Magnesium deficiency connection. I have a heart medical list a mile long, and I know if I listed it all together in one post, it would be too much for anyone to grasp. My cardio is always scratching his head when he sees me coming. LOL!

Just being goofy today....migraines and pain meds can cause that ya know.

PollyAnn 05-09-2006 07:38 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today
I have MVP for the past 20 years.

In the last 5 year's - it has slightly gotten worse and I developed constant palpations and flutter's. They become worrisome because they were so intense at times. I began to take a combo of 1000mg Calicum/500 Magnesium/Vitamin D. In about 1 months time the palpations and flutter's fully subsided.

PollyAnn 05-09-2006 08:09 AM

Re: went to a new cardio today
[B]CONFUSED23[/B]...sorry I meant to post in reply to your original post first.

I have been through the same (pardon my wording) crap as you with several doctors. They are so quick to hand you a drug rather then suggest an alternative. More then half the time the drug prescribed isn't even necessary but when you are surprised by your diagnose - the doctor insists the drug is a 'must'. I think it's just easier that way for some doctor's.

I have made a 'personal' choice for myself to be treated by Naturopathic practitioners rather then conventional doctors. Since this change I have never had a bad experience. Naturopaths have a more focused outcome on your mindset along with your illness.

Having an eased mind about dealing with an illness is curial to getting it under control.


moesciphish 05-09-2006 12:54 PM

Re: went to a new cardio today
I just went to a new cardio today also... my first one looked at me as though I was crazy... he still scheduled a stress test, non-nuclear though, which was supposed to be last Friday. Unfortunately the "machine broke" at a major hospital MCV, and they had to reschedule it for the 30th. I said forget that and rescheduled with another cardio. When he first came in he introduced himself, shook my hand, and then actually LISTENED to me about my fears, symptoms, etc... he then scheduled me for a nuclear stress test and an echo for the same day... this Friday. I start a new job in a month and really couldn't afford to wait that long for the previous test... just the fact that this Dr. listened to my concerns and feelings really impressed me alot and relieved some of my anxiety.

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