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JT1521 03-09-2007 01:25 PM

Weird head sensations now chest aches!!!!!!!!
Hi, I am wondering what these weird head sensations on the left side of my head are. About 8 months ago or so I had wicked toothache. This went on for 4 days. After I rubbed some gloves on it the toothache went away and the next day I noticed a weird feeling on the left side of my head. The side the toothache was on. I went to the dentist 3 days later and he did a root canal on my tooth. However, the weird head sensations haven't gone away. These sensations are not painful at all just very irritating. I looked up some stuff on the net and now I am thinking this has to do with Anxiety. I am not sure. I have had another toothache in between then and now that went on for a few days and then went away. Didn't go to the dentist. No insurance. This past week I have had chest aches that haven't gone away totally yet. The past few days I have noticed a dull ache also on my right side of the head. Comes and goes. Also a dull jaw ache that comes and goes sporadically. I am a 32 male, 5'11" ,245 lbs. Overweight I know. I have no idea what is going on I hope it is just anxiety related and nothing severe. I sometimes feel I am gonna have a panic attack if I don't find out what is wrong. The lack of not knowing drives me "nuts" sometimes. I have no medical insurance either or I probably would go see the doctor right away. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Seraph 03-09-2007 07:57 PM

Re: Weird head sensations now chest aches!!!!!!!!
If there is any way you can afford to see a doctor, then do it. Only because you sound as if you have a few potential health risks, and could do with a going-over. As to the head stuff, it could be that your teeth are causing this, maybe you are clenching your jaw in your sleep. That can give you pains like you have. But, at the very least, can you go somewhere they can check your blood pressure, heart rate, etc? Those things need monitoring regularly. Cheers, Sera

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