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    Old 01-14-2009, 12:42 AM   #1
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    Talking Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Hello all,

    If you find yourself alone, miserable, depressed, and dealing with PVC's anywhere from 1-10000+ plus a day, your not alone. I'm writing this thread, in hopes that you all can all share your stories and explain your struggles and success. And if there's any advise that ANYONE has to offer, please feel free to go ahead. As of 2 and a half months ago, I started experiencing PVC`s on a regular basis. My longest stretch lasted 7 days, and my longest without them was 3 days. Since Dec.12 2008, I have had them straight, 24hrs a day.

    Early in the process of having these, I was lucky enough to get into a Cardiologist fast. (Only after having 6 emergency visits thinking I was going to have a heart attack). I had all the proper blood work done, chest x-ray, ekg, echocardiogram, stress test,and a 24 holter moniter. Of course, like many of you, the results came back normal, minus the 2000+ PVC`s i experienced.

    Since then, Ive been literally, to you know where and back. Ive also heard from many medical proffesionals, that it`s all in my head, and my PVC`s are begnin. Basically healthy overall. So they put me Xanax and Ativan, thinking that the PVC`s were ``anxiety`` related. Well let me say that after a few week trial, they did nothing but cause me insomnia, and some withdrawal symptoms. So taking them proved to do nothing, and it wasn`t anxiety related. So another doc wanted to try PAXIL, thinking that this could work. Well I havent been able to get off the Paxil yet, I tried, and nearly died it felt like. So overall, the SSRI was a complete miss with the pvc symptoms, yet again. So we have now moved up to a Beta Blocker called Bisoprolol 5 mg. I have not yet started my BB because I`m afraid it might already lower my HR and BP than what it`s at already. At night, my HR can vary between 40-50`s.

    I wasnt the sweetest thing ever in my teenager years, but who was? I did my fair share off drugs, alcohol abuse for years, smoked 2 packs a day, and ate like you know what. And too boot, I was 40 lbs overwieght. Since the PVC's entered my life a short time ago, my total view on life has changed. With that, the way I started to take care of my body. Ate well, dropped 30 lbs, quit drinking and smoking, eliminated caffiene and other stimulants such as chocolate, exercise, yoga, taking a multi-vitamin, hawthorne, CO-q12, fish oil. Well do you think that this complete 360 turnaround would help out? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

    So now I find myself having an incredible time coping with these PVC's everday. A break for a minute would be nice, as long as I'm still alive experiencing it. The single PVC's every minute have now changed into bigemny, trig, and couplets. I now experience ectopy after instense exercise and now induce exercise pvc's. I also have started to get more than usually pain in the left chest area, also raidiating to my left shoulder, extremely cold, sweaty feet and episodes of constant urination. I also find myself battling a horrible, almost toxic gassy smell lately too. My stomach has been in knots, and have had the diarrhea along with it. I'm not sure if my PVC's are related to a stomach issue, or is it something else.

    This is why i'm writing this thread, so we all can post our experiences and success's. As of today, I have 2 weeks to go to see a EP. If I can make it that long, hopefully a ablation could be in talking in maybe having a cure to ending these dreaded PVC's. I know PVC's can be nothing for some, and a nightmare for others. In some cases, even life ending. If it's not the PVC's that kills them, its the stress from the PVC that does, or Ive even heard of suicide as a way out. With millions of people battling life ending diseases daily, my heart and prayers go out to them and their families. PVC's should be treated as the same and same seriousness as life ending illnesses too. And if you suffer from PVC's that are intolerable, you would agree. More awareness and more support needs to be created worldwide. Most people are just too tired to speak out against this because they spend there everydays battling this horrible condition. I'm here today, exhausted, looking at my 2 young boys a sleep, and want to see them grow old and happy. One thing that I have learned about the PVC's, is not to be scared to speak out against them. Make sure your voice is heard. Speak it here, I will spread your voice and opinions worldwide, and make sure you all have a voice that could one day help solve this mystery...premature ventricular contractions!!

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello Kane,

    I've been having daily PVC's and PAC's for almost 4 years now. I've had every cardiac test (except invasive angio), tried anti-anxiety meds, beta blockers, not drinking, eating only organic foods, vitamins... you name it.

    Nothing helps. Nothing stops them. It's awful. Even after 4 years, I'm not used to them.

    I battled cancer for much of 2008 - and these stupid things became background noise for a few months.

    So far I have beat cancer, but I cannot beat these darn PVC's. They still scare the you-know-what out of me because they are forceful & take my breath away.

    Benign, my a**. Something that drives you crazy on a daily basis is not benign in my opinion.

    If you don't suffer from this, you don't understand it. Period!

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.

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    Old 01-16-2009, 11:13 AM   #3
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!


    BISOPROLOL and BYSTOLIC are both excellent for heart rate control. Don't hold back on trying the beta blocker. Beta blockers work for lots of people. A suggestion is to break the scored BISOPROLOL tablet in half and try taking 2.5mg. for a few days. You can always titrate upwards. For starters you should supplement with Vitamin D (approx. 1000mg+ and about 250 mg.+ of Magnesium daily). Skip the Hawthorne while taking a beta-bloker. Down the road you can also add Vitamin C (1000mg) and vitamin E (natural) approx (1200mg) Heartbeat arrythmias, skipped beats and PAC's are closely related to Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium levels. Even 2 Antacid tablets sometimes calms my PAC's. As can 2 bananas (high in Potassium).

    I hope this information helps....

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Hi! Im 32 Years old and starting getting pvc's when i was 18...They just came all of a sudden! I have been to the ER a million times..Diff doctors...Lots of test...They all say the same thing....DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THEM....HA!!! Easy for them to say...Mine come and go...I'll get them all day and then they go away for a week or two..Im now pregnant & Of course they have been worse...I HATE THEM!!!!!!! I have never taken any meds for them though...Just scared to I guess!! I wish ther was a cure for them!! When i have them I usually dont leave my house...Im just so scared im going to fall over dead out in public somewher...My daughter always ask me 'if i had one wish what would it be' MY wish would be for these pvc's to go away just the way they came and never return!!

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    If pvc's mean an irregular heartbeat, then I have a question. My doctor put me on Atonel after he saw that my ekg was abnormal and showed a heart attack. He said it would calm down the palpatations, not to question the good Dr., but is that true? I've been on it a week and it hasn't helped. I also understand Atonel is for h/bp. I don't have h/bp.

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    I've suffered from PVCs, PACs, Tachycardia, permanent Atrial Fibrillation, too weak heartbeats, too hard heartbeats, and on and on, for over 40 years. In 1998, I found out that, besides the nasty heart rhythm problems, I also had chronically high blood pressure.

    I couldn't do anything (so I thought) about the heart rhythm problems, so I attacked my blood pressure problems.

    I started tracking my blood pressure. It's now over ten years, and 26,000 blood pressure readings (average of about 7 readings per day). I have learned quite a bit, and have improved my health greatly, by what I have learned by tracking my blood pressure.

    My heart rhythm problems have significantly improved.

    I have learned that, what I eat or drink can cause my heart to misbehave, or interact with my medications causing my heart to misbehave.

    I have learned that, some medications I cannot take within hours of each other, or my heart will misbehave.

    I have learned that, the time of the day that I take certain meds can also cause my heart to misbehave.

    I have learned that, various allergens or irritants (triggers), can also cause my heart to misbehave. (It is not just a coincidence that so many people with heart rhythm problems also have allergies!)

    I have also learned that, for me, Coreg is a miracle medication. I cannot believe it's healing and beneficial powers. I wish I had been on it 20 years ago! Wow, what great stuff!

    And...... I have lowered my average all-day-long blood pressure from 152/97 in 1998, to 122/72 throughout 2008, based on 2,543 blood pressure readings.

    It may not be the same for others, but as I slowly and painfully solved what caused higher blood pressure, I also solved most (not all) of my heart rhythm problems.

    So...... for those who are able emotionally to track their own blood pressure, you can learn a great deal by tracking your own blood pressure, and making changes based on what you learn.

    Best of luck to all with heart rhythm problems.......!
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Hey---i am 20 years old and experienced these heart palps, i do belive this is what it is, i am on my 2nd heart monitor because the first one couldnt be read, well my family doctor put me on some axiety medicine, and ever since i started takin that about 2 weeks later, my heart hasnt fluttered like before, about 3 days ago my heart felt like it was jumping, or beating differently, so i jus took a deep breath in and out, and it went away, but before all this when it first started it lasted for about 9 days straight...i just hope we get all can get to the bottom of this, my doctors and the health department said i am border line high blood pressure, but yesterday when i went in, my blood pressure was 122/86 that was actually the lowest i have saw it, so alls i can say, is go on a healthy diet, excersice daily, and stay away from caffiene, coffee, tea, ETC.

    Old 04-21-2009, 11:48 AM   #8
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Dear Kane,
    I hear the desperation in your message!! I have had pvc's for almost 35 years now starting at age 10, not so many at first and over the years worsening on different occasions during ones life. With the fear comes great anxiety and chronic hyperventilation causing more pvc's and all the other symptoms of irritable bowel, breathlesness, irregular beats, weakness, numbness etc,etc,etc! The list goes on. Most people also have mitral valve prolapse (you can also live to be 100 years old with this too)!! See "mitral valve syndrome". I am now experiencing, since a week, more pvc's than I have ever had in my life and it is terrifying! I am now going to go and sort out my hyperventilation and go to a psychologist to help with the anxiety and if all else fails find a cardiologist who will perform an ablation!! Take control of your life, go for it, you have suffered long enough, my God, look at how strong you are to have made it this far! Good luck to you and good health. Greetings, Debbie.

    Old 04-21-2009, 11:55 AM   #9
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Dear Ccarrie,
    don't be scared to take the meds!! The stress you are causing yourself is more damaging, meds can help reduce the irregularity immensely and give you more joy in life. You don't need them all the time either, I have used them on and off for years and now need to use them again because I am entering menopause, a lot of pvc's in women are hormonal in origin! Had terrible time during pregnancy! Good luck. I use sotalol 80mg 1x per day, it is a beta blokker and helps to calm you down and lowers blood pressure.

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Make sure to check out Dr. Phil today! He will be speaking about *bioidentical hormones.

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    I had my first PVC about 2 weeks ago while sitting at my desk at work. It was absolutely horrible. I had NO idea what the h*ll was going on. I became lightheaded and dizzy and almost passed out. I've had "mini" episodes for about 2 weeks now.

    I was doing great today, until driving home tonight. I had another spell--right out of nowhere. I saw my doctor today and he thinks it's "atrial fibrillation", and said that there are several different types. He mentioned Superventricular Tachycardia, and he a few other names.

    The EKG came out perfectly normal, but I have to wear the monitor starting Wednesday. I'm scared, because I've NEVER had anything like this before. I'm 44---pretty young for this type of thing---although my doctor said that he's seen teenagers with this problem before.

    I don't know if he'll put me on meds or what he'll do. He mentioned the ablation procedure, but that sounds scary as well. If it goes wrong, I could end up with a pacemaker.

    Old 05-05-2009, 07:43 AM   #12
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Dear Scott,
    I know that this can be extremely frightening! I have had this irregular heartbeat since I was 10 years old and am now 45!! Not dead yet (ha ha). They have now become more intense so I am back on medication again (Sotalol 80mg, 1x to 2x per day) depending on how many I am getting. Life is bearable again but psychologically it is a challenge to keep it together when you feel so miserable.
    Remember, these are not life threatening but life changing, you will have to make some adjustments maybe in your life. Look after yourself, breathing exercises in case you suffer from hyperventilation (this can also cause palpitations) and your personal life, anxiety? At the end of the day your cardiologist is your friend! If you get no joy find another one who will work with you to combat this!! My very best wishes to you, good luck! Debbie

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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    I have had PVCs' for over 10 years now. They come and go, sometimes I do not have them for months...then there are times I have them over 3000 a day,(I don't count them anymore). I have stopped drinking booze, and drinking sodas, cut my calorie intake by half, taken aspirin and multivitamins, even tried drinking luck on a cure.

    Best thing I can say is: Do not let it control your life. If it does, then the PVCs have won. Try to do your best not to worry about dying, that seems to make it worse.(None of us can ever avoid death) It does no good to get in a panic. Even as I suffer with it at this moment, I do my best to enjoy life and the time I spend with others.

    I am not saying give up on trying to treat the PVCs or even find your self a cure. Heck, that is why I am here, looking for some help.

    "Just try to do your best to live life, and enjoy it. Share how you cope with the condition with others." That is what my grandmother told me recently while battling Lung Cancer for 4 years. Best medicine I ever got from anyone, including doctors.

    I love you grandma, and I miss you too.
    God bless you all.

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    GD ICT
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!


    Did you ever ger results? Do you still have your PVC's?

    How is life treating you?



    Old 07-19-2010, 10:22 AM   #15
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    Re: Pvc`s, your opinion matters!

    Your story sounds like mine....without the smoking. My pvc's started when I hit 40. Five years later and I still have them,(on occasion.) I tried excercise, eating right, and cutting back on coffee. My doctor gave me every test he could including heart valve sonogram. All tests came back normal. I do suffer from general anxiety and tried Paxil, but it did'nt help with anxiety or pvc's. After talking to my family about this I was surprised to learn that most of them have had this issue at least once. My parents are still alive and both have strong hearts, and no one in my family has had a heart attack. So if you can just learn to ignore them and do your best to stop Paxil they might go away. I have started to work on beating my anxiety issues and I noticed when i am completey relaxed, my pvc's stop. So I would suggest methods to help you relax. good luck and take care.

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