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tizman 01-21-2011 02:14 AM

Unidentified, Sharp, Stabbing Chest Pains in 18yo
I am a healthy 18yo female who suffers from random, sharp, stabbing chest pains that change locations each episode. They are usually on the left side of the sternum, left side around bra line or left lateral side. I do occassionally get them on the right side in the same positions though. The episodes can last from 1 sharp stabbing pain to 30mins and longer. I occassionally get a dull ache in the positions before, during or after the episodes that have lasted hours. My first episode was in Yr 3 and it was like once a yr then and gradually became more frequent to where i get them everyday but they mainly got worse in year 11. The dull pains only started in year 11 when i was 17 though. Year 11 was a highly stressful year for me.

I do not smoke, rarely drink, I have not had any viral or chest infections prior to episodes. I play alot of sport including contact like union. The pains are not brought on or worsened by coughing, laughing, deep breathing or any movement or pressure applied to the area however during the sharp pain episodes the pain quite often stops me from breathing. again i state it does not hurt to breath though. The episodes appear most common at night time and during times of stress though i am generally a stressed person. They have come on before, during, after sport, laying in bed, watchin tv, driving, sex and anything but when im sleeping.

I have had normal results from Electro-cardiograms, blood tests, xrays, bone scans, NSAIDS, i have seen a muscular-skeletal specialist and a physio who are currently treating me for hypomobility of the thoracics spine, during which after the first week i experienced the worst pains to date. 3 mths prior to this i have been almost exercise free but they have still persisted to the worst one yet which happened to 10pm on the night of my first aus football training session back. during this i did not feel i exerted myself as it was quite a cruisy session but i was stressed about moving out of home. there was 5 days during the 3mths where i had a basketball tournament where i got worse than normal chest pains almost everynight. now i was also stressed from this from the travelling (i dont travel well) and the floods at home. I have previously been treated for costochondritis and have been on strong NSAIDS but there was no results. i have been told about reflux and i doubt that as much as i do with the costochondritis and hypomobility of thoracic spine.

I have tried playing around with my diet, i would not say this is anxiety as i know the feeling and i have got episodes in completely relaxed environments. I tried exercise free which didnt work.

Any suggestion, I am grateful to hear your thoughts.

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