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Terrified 31 year old daddy...

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maskedhero HB User
Terrified 31 year old daddy...

Hello all,

I would just like to start off with some history of what has happened to me and why I am at a point where I feel terrified.

I was very healthy and back in 2002 (I was only 22 years old) I nearly fainted while sitting at the couch. I was eating a hot dog with my nephew while watching a movie. I initially felt my heart skip and then a huge panic set in and I nearly fainted.

The ambulance came, checked out my heart said I was okay and it may have been just stomach related.

The next 18 months were terrible.

I had low grade fever constantly, depression, I had muscle aches so bad that I thought I was dying. One doctor finally found out that I had Glandular Fever and had developed chronic fatigue symptoms.

My muscles always ached and I felt tired all the time, after a year and a half, everything suddenly stopped.

I suddenly felt much better and was fine until 2005.

I was sitting at work laughing at an email a collegue has sent me when I suddenly saw the room swerve violently and suddenly found myself sitting back in my chair. I felt very shakey and I think I fainted but I am still not sure, I may have had a "near fainting episode".

This followed by terrible stomach pains and gas pains. I rushed to the bathroom and had a massive BM, I mean I had so much fecal matter to deposit it still remains till this day the biggest BM of all time.

I was completely fine until 2006 when I had a plane trip overseas. I nearly missed my plane and I was extreemly overweight and unfit but I ran for a good 10 minutes to try and get the plane and lucky I did so! However when I got off the plane I felt this strange spaced out feeling as though everything around me was sort of surreal or unreal. I felt like I was always on a boat and felt like I was just out of balance.

This feeling took about a week to go away and I also became "fitter" as I did a lot of dancing etc while on my trip for 2 months.

However when I got back home, I got that strange feeling again and it took once again a week to go away.

Then suddenly I started to develop these thumping feelings in my chest, like a skipped heart beat. This is a very similar feeling I had when I first went to the hospital. I of course started to panic about this and it would happen about once a week.

As before, it suddenly went away on its own and I did not get this again until I met my current partner. Stressful things, bad eating habits and caffeine brought this back and I would get a thump in my chest every so often. They no longer scare me however, unless the thump feels like a racing heart beat that wont stop.

Now I could live with these problems but in the last 12 months things have been getting worse.

I get a lot of leg pain, jaw pain and pain in the centre of my chest. I also get that "swaying" spaced out feeling I got back when I first got off the plane all those years ago.

However these feelings lasted about 3 months and would severely impact my life. I wouldnt go out and I would lay on my bed to avoid these strange feelings that I was nearly about to faint.

I went to a cardiologist who did a few tests on me.

He did a 48 hour holter monitor test on me (yes 2 days) and told me that I have far less PVC than the average person (I only had one in 2 days that I didnt even feel). I also had that swaying/near fainting episode and he said that my heart didnt show any change whatsoever.

He did an echo on my heart and told me my heart was very healthy, he was suprised at how well it looked due to the fact im morbidly obese. (im 300 pounds at the moment and im 5'9'')

Recently things have been getting even worse. Neck pain when I basically talk or cough, slight shoulder pain, but the worst pain is a knawing/burning feeling between my shoulder blades.

On top of this, when I get a HUGE adrenalin rush, or if I get worked up or scared (or even if my heart suddenly beats fast) I get escruciating back pain (throbbing) and the same pain in my neck.

The cardiologist thought this was odd and he decided to give me a CT angiogram. (dye injection and CT scan).

The results were as follows.

Substantial Fatty Liver was noticed.
No hiatus hernia
Left Cornary Artery 10% blockage (Internal)
Right Coronary Artery 25% blockage (external)
No other abormalities seen, aortas all fine.

The doctor also scheduled a CT scan of my abdominal area and there were no circulatory issues (gallbladder, adrenal glands, kidneys and aorta were fine).

Blood tests and blood pressure showed elevated liver enzymes and high C-Reactive protein, cholesterol was 5.4 (he said needed to be 4.)

He advised me that I require to get on a diet ASAP and start exercising. I am on medication to lower my blood pressure.

My current BP is 120/94. The doctors did say there should normally be a 40 point gap between the two numbers ie 120/80 and they said it is strange why my resting pressure doesnt ever drop below 90 sometimes my BP is 120/110.

Why is this?

Are my blockages a concern? Can I get a "widow maker" from a 10% blockage of a LCA????

If I go on a diet and eat healthy and walk 15-30 min a day (I dont smoke or drink) will I almost certainly avoid a heart attack? or have I already done a lot do damage to my heart?

My fathers side of my family are all dead (cancer) but my mums side, everyone is over 70 and are still alive.

My mother does have a pace maker (she nearly died of cardiac arrest) because of a child hood disease (rhumatic fever?) that affected her when she was 58. She is now fine and gets a new pace maker every 10 years. (shes now 69.)

My dad has had many episodes where he has fainted (usually stomach ache related or stressful event).

My only concern is why I now CONSTANTLY get these near fainting episodes that never make me faint but just scare the hell out of me. I usually feel gassy when these happen or have to go to the bathroom and pass wind or do a big BM. I also have this gnawing pain between the shoulder blades and occasional chest pain (Relieved with burping) and random jaw/throat pain.

My cardiologist suggests my heart is fine.

What do you people suggest?

I have a 2 year old daughter and I also suffer from bipolar.

I take meds to lower my blood pressure + slow my heart rate. I also take somac to lower acidity/heart burn but I never get heartburn of late.

I am worried I wont be there for my daughter and the stress of this is causing some sleepless nights.

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Re: Terrified 31 year old daddy...

Originally Posted by maskedhero View Post
... If I go on a diet and eat healthy and walk 15-30 min a day (I dont smoke or drink) will I almost certainly avoid a heart attack? or have I already done a lot do damage to my heart? ...
Well...... one fact that is well known is that eating an unhealthy diet can result in serious health problems and problems with one's metabolism, especially regarding the handling of Insulin.

A health diet, combined with appropriate exercise can't hurt, and is the best "medicine" that someone can take, IMHO.

You and I have different symptoms and different health problems, of course. In my case I have Heart Failure, Permanent Atrial Fibrillation, Asthma, Insulin Resistance, Allergies and Heart Valve Disease.

Back in 2004, I was around 40 pounds overweight, at around 180 pounds. Following is an example and details of how diet has greatly improved my serious health problems:

Back in 2004 I started a thread on HealthBoards titled: Difficulty breathing ALL NIGHT after consuming too many carbs. Anyone else?. The link is:

At that time I was reaching out to the wonderful, helpful members of HealthBoards for help in figuring out why I was having nasty symptoms, especially difficult breathing after consuming carbs.

Soon after I switched to a very healthy diet I started noticing, not only a significant improvement in my breathing, but also a noticeable decrease in my Blood Pressure and other nasty symptoms.

Although I quickly experienced significant improvement from a healthier diet, I was still searching for answers. In January 2005, I started another thread asking: Does an "Insulin Resistance" diet improve blood pressure? at link:

Then, in September 2005, after around nine months rigidly following a healthy diet, I started another thread titled: On Insulin Resistant diet since Dec 2004. Blood pressure, weight significantly lower. at link:

I do realize that we have been faced with much different health problems, but if a healthy, low calorie, small meal, high fiber, frequent eating diet can greatly help my more-serious life threatening, serious health problems, then, under proper medical supervision, it could do similar for you.

Best of luck and health to you. I hope that you can find some answers and get some solutions.
⇒ Avoid unhealthy chemicals,odors,irritants
⇒ 6 low cal meals 1500 cals; weights
⇒ 6.25 coreg;.125 digoxin
⇒ 2002 BP was 151/96; readings:1,423
⇒ From 2008-2017 BP was 119/69; readings:7,514

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maskedhero HB User
Re: Terrified 31 year old daddy...

Hi everyone...

I am going to be seeing the doctor in a couple of days again.

There is a very big chance I am suffering from postural tachycardia syndrome.

I was told that people who get glandular fever sometimes get this problem.

Hopefully something can be done to diagnose my issues and let me live my life without fears.

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Global1965 HB User
Re: Terrified 31 year old daddy...

get on a diet and excersize.

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