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My wife has is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

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kimmybrown HB User
My wife is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

My wife 27 years old has been having palpitations and feeling lightheaded for about 3 months, she has always been healthy but did take adipex to lose a few pounds and couple month after she stopped taking it she started with these problems. The doctor that give her the adipex give it to her for 5 months and only supposed to be 3 months limit, we found this out after it was to late and he didnt even get her to sign the paper telling her the risks but anyway.. We have been to three doctors and they just seem like they don't care what she is going through. She first went to the ER because she was feeling lightheaded and heart was skipping beats. She went to a cardiologist and he told her she needed an ablation done because the beta blockers slowed down her heart rate to much. We went for a second opinion and he tells us she does not need to do ablation, just something she will have to learn to live with and also told us her heart stopped beating just for a second after a PVC. He tells us meds would do her more harm in the long run. Both doctors told her she has a strong heart, nothing looks abnormal. The second doc also told us that PVC's should not cause lightheaded feeling. The PVC's get worse after she eats (really bad when she eats pork). She is getting about 6-7 PVC's a minute. They are not constant but she says 95% of the day they are. We are just getting really down and out and its hard for us to enjoy our life together because I am always worried about her and she is always worried she is going to pass out and die. Should she go ahead and plan for the ablation or just do her best to deal with them? We are so confused and really could use some advice from some people going through the same things. Is there another drug she can take that could help without dropping her HR? Thanks for any advice you guys can give.

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kyomagi HB User
Re: My wife has is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

Hey! I want to share my story with you. Im turning 29 this year and have had pvc's come out of nowhere. First let me tell you what i have seen on the forums, there is no associations with sudden cardiac death and pvc's in a normal heart, heck my dad has CHF and a EF% of 25-35 and pvc's all the time and they dont bother him, still alive and kicking over a year since we found out.

PVC's are a simple miss fire of the electrons in the heart. I think (big think) it was my abuse to caffine, i drank a LOT of pop, i had a high matabalsim (sp?) so i never gained weight, and often drank 2 20oz to a 2-liter a day of pepsi, coke or MD.

They started off slow and started to get to where your wifes are, about 6-7 beats a minute. (about At first i saw my family doc, he said, yep, pvc's, gave me a beta blocker and a med to calm me down. after a while i started to seek out a specialist, not just a cardiologist, but a electrophysiologist. He is a doc that works only with the way the electronics of the heart works.

At first, he had given me verapamil 120mg a day, really did not help all that much. Then he upped the dose to 240mg a day and strapped on a heart monitor for a day and said, lets see what happens (the monitor happened after a week on the meds) at first, i averaged about 10k -12k a day in pvcs, docs generally say that under 15% of the total heart beat is ok.

well, the results surprised me and he was funny about it too. The pvc's were recorded at 6600 in that 24 hour period and all normal. He scoffed at it and said, i just saw a lady with 30k and told her to deal with it, (yes 30,000).

For the first few weeks i saw a small difference, then came the magic, about 3 months after starting the meds, the pvcs...just...stopped...

I would get maybe 3-4 a DAY on a bad day and NONE on a normal day..

Its been like that for over 3 years and i only see my doc 1 time a year now for a ekg, 2 minute chat and meds refill.

I might consider a AB procedure if i want to stop the meds, but for now, i get a 90 day supply for 10$ and i am content with taking meds for the rest of my days

Hope that puts your mind at ease, even if its just a little

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bomber1 HB User
Re: My wife has is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

I have bigeminy PVC's non stop and at times I had runs of 24 and 28 in a row during my stress test. This was only found because I went in for sinus surgery and when they hooked the EKG up they tripped out. I routinely throw runs of 4-10 throughout the day and at night while I sleep. At first they said I was "abnormally normal" but after my stree test I have been scheduled for a right and left heart cath. Needless to say I went from no big deal to ***? I'm currently taking 2.5of bystolic but I continue to throw some crazt PVC's at times. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: My wife has is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

This time last year I found out I had at least 50% of my heart beats were PVC's. That was every other beat was a PVC, 24/7. I am 59.

My doc tried a beta blocker and it helped but not that much. So I tried a calcium channel blocker and if worked beautifully. I was taking one for high blood pressure so I just tried a couple of others until I found one that worked.

Does you wife have high blood pressure by any chance?

Anyhow, I've had great results with diltiazem. Shut down the PVC's almost completely.

And the others are correct in that they are harmless. Annoying as all get out but harmless in the long run. Nether helps nor harms any kind of heart disease.

Don't play around with the heart with a procedure that could kill her. Give some meds a try or learn to ignore them. I suspect the faintness is due to fear that she is having a major heart problem. Stress can play a big role. It's hard to think that nothing is wrong but it's true. The heart is beating, just erratically. When it gets to be over 50% of the beats, then maybe consider something but having been at that level, I still would opt for some kind of drug treatment than a surgical options that can backfire.


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Re: My wife is having PVC's all day, what else can we do?

Hi if a person has taken a diuretic for edema or bloating with a period it is possible that there has been a loss of potassium.

Sometimes heart difficulties may be caused by the low potassium has the level been checked?

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