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boubou 09-15-2011 05:17 PM

Chest pain, angina, gerd or muscle pain? Scared.
Hello, i have been experiencing intermitent chest pains for about a month.
I am 46 year old, 5 foot 4 iches, 135 lbs, active, jogging, cyclimg, weight lifting. Good diet, cholesterol a bit high but diet controlled. I don't smoke but do drink moderately.

Mom had 2 strokes and takes coumadin. She smokes 2 packs cigarettes a day, overweight drinks and horrible diet.

My chest pains are smack between my breasts always same localised area, it's dull acky feeling. It comes out of nowhere and last anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes. It sometimes wakes me up at night. Happens standing or sitting or laying down. I don't feel pain when jogging but noticed that when really hungry, it starts up. Not sure if it is coincidence or not. I have pain on full or empty stomach.
This morning, after my run, i was hungry but not finished my workout so i startd cycling and the pain started. That was the first tome i felt pain exercising but maybe because i was hungry? i don't get out of breath or tired.
also, at the doctor, i was nervous and the pain started again but it's come and gone erratically so i don't know if it was stressed induced.

I'm scared and sometimes think of going to hospital but by the time I get there, the pain will be gone.

Doctor doesnt think it's my heart but going to do a stress test. in the mean time, got Pantoprazole (pantoloc) to see if it might be gerd or something.

rosier 09-16-2011 01:24 AM

Re: Chest pain, angina, gerd or muscle pain? Scared.
At least you went to the doctor, the pains could be from anything from anxiety to heart problems. It is always best to check things out and eliminate the possible first. Good move and let us know what you find out. Hugs for today.

boubou 09-16-2011 04:50 AM

Re: Chest pain what do you thin? Scared.
I have been unable to qualify the pain until last night. I would say it feels crampy or gassy. I am not especially gassy or bloated tho.
I had a massage yesterday and the registered massage therapist was working pretty hard on my upper back on the left side, much more arduously than usual, so I asked him if it was tense and proceeded into telling him about the chest pains. He said chest pains could come from the back as well.
Puzzling and scary. If I can get a definitive diagnosis as not from my heart but muscle or gas or even reflux, I will stop worrying but in the mean time I worry :confused:

rosier 09-17-2011 04:39 AM

Re: Chest pain what do you thin? Scared.
Please do not depende on a message therapost to diagnos chect pains, let a real cardio do that. The pain can reach the back also, a sign of something is wrong. With a mesage therapost, they will say things that they can cure with a simple message on the back, not so. Only they can cure musscle problems not cardio-vascular. Please be sure to get this also check by a cardi doctor. Some message therapits are into this theary that eveything wrong, including heart attacks are cured by a message of the back. Please be carefull. We love you and care for youy here. Be carefull. Hugs for today.

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