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BBMCF 10-18-2011 02:41 PM

Stress test
I had a persantine stress test done today. Not seeing my MD until Thursday. Question is, what is a norm for blood pressure elevation during the test? My resting BP was 130/90. BP at peaking was 140/90. I felt like it was 200/100. What are the normal expectations for the elevated BP and heart rate? Heart rate went to 112.

cvcman 10-18-2011 04:51 PM

Re: Stress test
whats your age, weight, height ?
Im a male 52 yrs old I ran to 160 hr and my bp was 150/90 during the test, no big deal, i passed my with flying colors, i was on the tread mill 17 minutes
140/90 is notheing and 112 hr is low unless your VERY over weight or very old,lol

BBMCF 10-18-2011 05:04 PM

Re: Stress test
Thanks. 52years, 190#. I have a 95% abdominal aorta blockage and 50-70% blockage in the Right Carotid Artery. Expected BP to increase much more. Guess I am trying to prepare myself before I see the MD Thursday. I don't do well with surprises.

Vyking 10-18-2011 08:05 PM

Re: Stress test
I had a persantine (sestamibi) stress test in 09.
Your heart rate is controlled by the amount of the drug they give you, it should have been injected slowly.
Are you sure your HR was only 112?

BBMCF 10-18-2011 08:59 PM

Re: Stress test
Drug was injected over a 4 minute period. Yes HR only reached 112. I am wondering if they may have stopped it for a reason. Not sure what to think at this point. BP did not significantly increase either. Do you know of any reasons why the HR and BP would not elevate?
Thank you

Vyking 10-18-2011 10:42 PM

Re: Stress test
Yep, that's the same as my test, the drug was injected over 4 minutes.
I'm not sure what my heart rate reached but I do remember seeing it on the monitor at 148 bpm at one time.

112 bpm does seem rather low but I guess if you didn't have any chest pain or they didn't stop the test for some reason you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck. :)

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