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bradams115 11-13-2011 09:00 PM

strange heart feeling
Hey everyone, so random question that has always haunted me.
So this used to happen to me, thankfully it has not in a long time, but it would feel like my heart would stop beating for a brief second, I could put my hand to my chest and not feel anything, I would get light headed, my eye sight would instantly start going black but then i could feel my heart do like some hardcore beats, like it felt it was going to explode out of my chest, then beat fast and back to normal and I would feel completely fine, all of this would happen in like less than 3 seconds or so.

My worse case was this, I had the same situation happen but this time it lasted longer, i would say...8 or more seconds long. It was the same thing, I could feel my heart stop beating, I grabbed my chest and everything started going dark, I got light headed. At this point I NORMALLY got better immediately, this time I collapsed, it all went black, I heard echoing in my ears, i couldn't breath and fell to the floor holding my chest. FINALLY I felt my heart jump start again, again it felt the same, it pounded SO hard, like it was going to explode out of my chest, then it beat fast, super fast, then back to normal and I felt completely fine. I went to the doctor shortly after this and he said "oh, your just having panic attacks.." which i was not expecting, and i ensured him I was not stressed, not worried, nothing, i had a good life, and he just goes "your having a panic attack, if it will make you feel better we can run some tests" and I made him do it. Later they hooked wires up to my chest, then did a chest x-ray but never called me back to tell me what they is it, a long post, sorry, just wanted to get it all out there, anyone have any idea of what it could have been? This has not happened in probably a solid...2 years so hopefully it wont come back, but still, just curious. Thanks for your help!!!!
-Bryan Adams (sadly, not the singer....:( )

sico 11-25-2011 11:24 AM

Re: strange heart feeling
Get a second opinion. I have panic attacks and Tachycardia episodes and palps but nothing like yours. Things get dark and scary but no blackouts.
Have your blood checked out for any abnormalities. This will even pick up any heart damage.

CindyB67 11-25-2011 04:05 PM

Re: strange heart feeling

Were you by chance sick or on some kind of medicine at the time this was going on??? I know when I first started on my Metoporal at home esp. the night time dose, I would feel my heart do the flip flop which they have told me is skipped beats. The fact you start to almost black out has me concerned. That means you probably had a longer space inbetween beats than is normal and that is concerning. Many times to find issues like this it takes wearing Halter monitors for a couple of weeks or inpatient hospital monitoring with you hooked up to a heart monitor because everyone skips beats at some time in thier life and it is considere normal to a certain extent so if you were feeling fine while they were running the tests most likely your heart was behaving and it wasn't do the beat skipping then. I would ask to be referred to a cardiologist just so you can go in and explain exactly what happened and what they did. The fact it hasn't happened in a while has me wondering if maybe you were sick or on something that was causing the issue...but for sure you need to find out what caused the issue because the almost blacking out is not a normal panic attack symptom...The feeling of almost blacking out or blacking out at least for me is always contributed to my heart condition.

Hope you get answers soon and don't stop searching until someone can tell you for sure what was going on and explain why it happened then and not now. It is your body and the fact that two years later you are still worried, scared by it means that you definitely need to find some answers:)

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