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kurrgan 12-16-2011 11:43 AM

My Ablation Journey
Early in the summer i was diagnosed with AFIB. First came some drugs. No good. Then came 2 cardioversions. Still no good. At that point ablation was suggested and i thought a long while before agreeing to have it done. I had the ablation in August and was sent home the next evening. I was weak for a few days but that wore away. I was put on cumadin and that's okay i guess. At about the 1 month mark i had the flutters and palpitations, my rhythm off kilter. These episodes were short and far between. The same recurred at about the 3 month mark. Now, in the fourth month i had a bad case the other day, in and out of rhythm for the better part of a whole day. This started while i was at work. I went home and they slowly faded and disappeared. They were gone for a full day and, now, they started again while i was at work, right after a particularly aggravating phone call. They came and went. Now, right around lunch they came back and have yet to go away. I fear this is the sign that a second ablation is in my near future.

Any thoughts or similar stories out there?

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