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    Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP

    Hi, apologies if this is too long but this is my first time on here but I don't know what else to do, I think I might have a heart disorder!!!! A bit of background: I am 19, do not smoke, I am just over the morbidly obese boundary, I drink a lot of alcohol (student lifestyle) but have a reasonably healthy diet (homecook all my meals, rarely eat chocolate/sweets, never eat fast food) although the size of my portions should be cut down (I am making an attempt to lose weight after the problems began). My fathers side of the family have a history of weak hearts with both my uncle, grandfather and greatgrandfather dying of heart-attacks and strokes before they were 55. I do not know the medical history on my mothers side since she was adopted.

    It all started about a month or two ago, I was at rest watching tv when my legs began to get particularly restless (possibly restless leg syndrome), my chest began to feel tight (no pain just a tight sensation above the nipples) and I felt like I was going to die soon (is this a "sense of impending doom" or just me overreacting). Eventually I got to sleep but when I woke up the next day the sensation was still there, I decided that if it continued the next day I would make an appointment with a doctor. The next day the symptoms were gone and I decided to leave it. A day or two after that, I had an even worse episode/attack, this time there was no restless legs but I gained the addition of the tightness spreading to my neck, my breathing became shorter (not hard to breathe, just shorter), I became aware of my heart beating faster, my face became flushed and my left arm was feeling numb/heavy (no pain though). Fearing that I was having a heart attack I went to the hospital, once there they checked my blood pressure, gave me an ECG and listened to my breathing and heartbeat. The doctor there told me that it had all come back normal and nothing seemed wrong (I should note that due to waiting times the symptoms had abated by the time I was seen) and that it was probably anxiety but if they continued I should see my GP. They did continue so I made an appointment to see the university doctor (as mentioned earlier I am a student and he was the gp I am registered to). When I got there I got the feeling that he was in a rush and that he just wanted me in and out ASAP, all I was able to tell him was that my chest and throat were feeling tight before he interrupted by asking me about my course, he then checked my throat and prescribed me a 7-day course of amoxicillin (which I understand is for chest infections?). After the amoxicillin had run out (by which time I had come home for the holidays) I booked an appointment with the GP at home who I have been seeing since I was young, with him I was able to tell him the full story, he also checked my blood pressure, heart and breathing (with the stethoscope) and asked me a few questions (it all came back as normal again). He informed me that I needed to lose weight and cut down on alcohol consumption (which I already knew) and told me that he that he thought it was Indigestion and prescribed me a 28-day treatment (I can't remember the name of the pills but I think they might have been anti-acids). I know little of indigestion but if I am correct the main symptoms associated with it are bloating, belching, nausea and heartburn. Bloating is possible I guess but given my obesity it is hard to tell whether my stomach is bloated or just fat, belching is similar in that it is present but could also be attributed to obesity, there is no nausea and, never having had heartburn before I could not know whether the chest tightness/sensations matched the feeling of heartburn. I am 3 days into the course of indegestion treatment and the symptoms are continuing just as badly as they have been all this time. Is it just that I have to wait longer for them to take effect, do I need stronger medication or is it Heart disorder as I fear. The episodes/attacks occur about 5 times a week, lasting about 2 hours each time, usually in the afternoon or evening. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP

    You could be suffering from reflux. You can get pressure in chest and also a and pressure and tightness in the neck. And then there is stress when it happens that makes it all the more worse.

    All that weight will put pressure on your body. (I know I am very big and when I started to diet I was getting aches and pains.)

    The Booze certainly does not help, (lay off it, there is no excuse to not stop it right now) if it is reflux, then the alcohol will just make it all the more worse. Tightness, pressure, burning sensation. (worse thing to have)

    "If" the medication for indigestion is making it worse or not working, you could be suffering from low stomach acid. Which means you stomach does not produce enough acid, this food cause regurgitation which is just like reflux. You could try something simple as un-fermented apple cider vinegar. Even a tea spoon in half a cup of water of normal vinegar will do to start before meals of when you get these symptoms. If it helps then more so low stomach acid, if you try this, stop the reflux pills, as it will just make it worse by stopping stomach acid production you are trying to create with the vinegar.

    It something you can try. I have not been on reflux medication for 5 weeks now, taking apple cider vinegar and now I take nothing cause I don't get it much anymore.

    Doctor's love giving out reflux medication and never think about low stomach acid because it is very hard to diagnose. But it has helped many people who have been treated for reflux for years without success and simple vinegar has helped them. Also you could try before meals a digest-ease supplement from chemists, etc.

    I would not be thinking heart at your age. I think, diet, lifestyle and stress.

    Time to change it mate, you don't want to get older and be in that condition, trust me, I know what I am talking about. I am 38 and making changes only now.

    FYI - Don't say you have a reasonably healthy diet (you may now) but you don't get fat by eating healthy. And I know what I am talking about, I sometimes said the same thing.

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    Re: Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP

    Hi further to what I said last, the medication worked (or at least, I had no symptoms, it could have been unrelated) for about 2 weeks until 2 days ago when my chest started feeling tight (I was in the car returning to university), this has persisted along with the feeling in my arm until today when it got worse, the tight chest feeling is now located more around the heart, I have a shortness of breath, occasionally the chest tightness will change to pain and then return to tightness and I am feeling quite faint. Is this part of indigestion or is it a heart disease, or could it be anxiety based (the possibility of heart disease coupled with upcoming exams). Should I go to hospital?

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    Bob in Texas
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    Re: Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP

    I'm going to be very blunt and straight with you. 1. Get the weight off, you're killing your heart. 2. Cut way down on the drinking for lots of reasons. 3. Properly monitor and manage blood sugar, 4. Monitor and manage blood pressure.

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    Re: Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP

    Sounds like it may be a little bit of hereditary too. You should cut off the drinking altogether exercise, cut off stuff like white rice, pasta, white bread for at least a month and eat more of veggies and fruits. Juicing has been proven to help also. Also, learn to pray. Of course don't forget to take supplements. It is not going to be easy, but it can be done.

    All the best,

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