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shannc 01-09-2012 12:08 AM

Heart issues/sinus tachy
Hey guys,
Recently I've been having heart related health issues. I'll try and keep this as short as possible. I am a 21 year old female who is generally healthy. I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis at the age of 9 and had radiation at the age of 16. I've been on synthroid and my levels have been normal for years. Around thanksgiving of 2011, I ended up in the hospital with a heart rate of 155, at that time I was mildly dehydrated. I was given fluids and some potassium and sent on my way. The next few days after my hospital visit I noticed my heart rate was very high. I have been in the hospital since then 3 more times. I've seen a cardiologist and my family doctor, they checked my thyroid levels, did ekg's, had an echo cardiogram, and basic blood work including, complete metabolic panel, cbc, and some other basic tests about 5 times. My resting heart rate is anywhere from 110-135 and with minimal physical exertion it increases significantly. I am very fatigued, often get light headed, frequent head aches, and back pain as well as chest pain. My cardiologist seems to think there is nothing wrong even though every time I get an ekg it reads sinus tachycardia and Ive had over 10 of them. I am not an anxious person, it is not anxiety or depression or for that matter anything psychological that would cause these symptoms. My mother is a physicians assistant and is pushing to get me into see other doctors. She seems to think I may have Inappropriate sinus tachycardia or an adrenal tumor (Pheochromocytoma). I have exhausted almost all of my resources and have become very fed up and exhausted. I used to be in the gym 4-5 days a week and very active, and now I can barely walk up the stairs without getting short of breath, chest pain, and a very rapid pulse. I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar to this or ever experienced anything like this and has been diagnosed with anything in particular. Any responses would be helpful, thanks.

kathg 01-09-2012 06:27 PM

Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy
Hi, my daughter has IST (started 4 months ago). She was also very fit, active and played high level sports at intensive level. It is really frustrating and debilitating. My daughter also gets bad headaches, fatigue, overheats, sweats profusely, shaky and feels nausea a lot. it has been life changing for her. She is nearly 13 yrs old and it came on suddenly (she was not sick nor had a virus). Her heart is normal and so far all blood test normal. It is very frustrating for her as like you she just wants to get back to normal and do the sport and exercise she loves. First cardio said IST (cause unknown or could be post viral) but he was too busy and we could even make an appointment to get results from 24 hr holder monitor and discuss his recommendation to start beta blocker if IST persists.
I wasn't happy to commence her on meds without even actually seeing the Cardiologist so I have taken her to another Cardio for more information and second opinion. He said lets wait and see if if gets better by itself. We see him again next week. 2 wks ago She has started 25mg of metoprolol as she was really upset and wanted to try the beta blocker - which is only helping slightly but don't really know how affective it will be has has not been training or playing sports. I have trawled the web and really frustrating as no real answers or treatment to make it go away. She is walking the dog and I took her to hydrotherapy pool to do some exercises in the water? Don't know if this will help but will try anything. The doctor did say to not go back to quickly and train too hard as need to do graduated return to exercise. I think this sounds reasonable so maybe you could try light exercise to try to maintain a little bit of condition in your body. If I were you I would definitely get another opinion as sometimes I think they are quick to not investigate once they know the heart structure is normal. My other advice would be to take a break from exercise as the more my daughter tried to push through and keep playing the worse episode she would have and then be unwell and extremely fatigued for days. How long have you had the symptoms for? Have you tried anything that has helped.

shannc 02-21-2012 02:32 AM

Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy
Thanks for you post, and sorry for the late reply. My symptoms have been on going since Novemeber. I can't work out at all at this point. After walking a few minutes my heart rate goes through the roof. I even had to temporarily drop out of college this semester. I'm on metoprolol 25 mg as well but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I cannot do normal things anymore suh as walking for more than 5 minutes. They told me I don't have IST because at night my heart rate drops to a normal pulse. Did your daughter have a halter monitor? And did her heart rate resume to normal while sleeping?

kathg 02-21-2012 04:02 AM

Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy

Yes my daughter had a holder monitor. It showed a slightly high mean rate of 89, a rate range of 45 to 185. Her heart rate has gone over 200bpm as well before (Doctor measured manually) - this was within a minute of exercising. The diagnosis is either mild form of IST or post viral syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome as now been over 6 mths). Second cardio opinion was also more a chronic fatigue syndrome. I have taken my daughter to a chronic fatigue wellness coach and he has her on a 12 wk program - nutrition and graduated return to exercise. This seems to be working quite well. It is more strength training (no cardio) and lots of supplements - olive leaf extract etc. High protein diet and no junk or food with preservatives. I would definitely recommend looking outside the square as at least now I think we may be getting somewhere. My daughters symptoms ware worse for the first 3 months, now more up and down but seem to be improving. the beta blocker metaprolol 25 mg only slightly helped so I think i might wean her off. Very frustrating. Check out chronic fatigue as this can cause tachycardia as well as flu like symptoms

anotherpatty 02-27-2012 12:25 PM

Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy
I can relate. I wore a monitor for 30 days. I have a racing heart and also irregular hearbeats. I did not think my dr. the racing heartbeat serious. I almost passed out a few times from it. (as well as the irreg.)
Most of my visits to the cardiologist were rushed and the place was like a production facility. My guess is the insurance co. is not giving the doctors enough time to do their jobs. I decided not to take the calcium channel blocker - I thought the side effects were worse - for my situation (I'm not a dr. so don't go by me - just telliing you for my situation).
It's all very frustrating.

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