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andey 06-19-2012 09:41 AM

Cardiac ablation
Hi everyone

My cardiologist referred me to an electrophysiologist(EP) who recommended ablation to take care of a problem with AFIB. While i have had "thumpies" all my life, (it wasn't until i was 34 that i realized not everyone has or gets the thumpies")
it is only in the past three years that they became bothersome and then only when they do not resolve spontaneously. They are a nuisance when they are quick, but can be scary when they last for hours on end. Of the major events over the past three years, 2 required cardioversion in the ER - the third resolved itself after about 7 hours.

Since these events happen infrequently over the course of a year, (and bearing in mind that i am a CHICKEN when it comes to things like this).

I would so appreciate hearing anyones experience with ablation therapy. Did it really help? Would you recommend it? How difficult was it on Coumadin? (the EP doesn't use Pradaxa - he is more comfortable with Coumadin.)

I find myself vacillating back and forth between a definite NO! and a timid maybe. The EP said i was a good candidate because my heart was still in good shape and that it is better to do it early rather than wait until he has no choice or can offer less help. I don't want to do something that i might not need, but by the same token, don't want (in ten years) to be beating myself for not doing it now.

Thanks so much in advance for your input.


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