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JackBlack2012 09-30-2012 01:42 PM

Re: Palpitations, pain & an "air bubble" sensation in my heart
Thank you for the responses!

[B][COLOR="Red"]As an update:[/COLOR][/B]

I looked into POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and believe this may be something I have (whether it's primary or secondary).

From what I read, it has to do with blood pooling in the legs. When changing posture/standing up, there's not enough blood flowing into your heart. Your heart will then try to compensate by beating harder/faster.

When I stand up I experience excruciating heart beats for about 20 - 30 seconds. They're hard contractions - like my heart is struggling.

As an experiment, before standing from bed, I held my legs up vertically to get the blood out of them and back into my torso (for about 20 seconds or so).

[B]LO AND BEHOLD this WORKED![/B] The symptoms from standing up were reduced by 80 - 90% when doing this. I'll be doing this nearly every time I get out of bed from now on.

After I get over my cold, I'm going to see about getting a diagnosis for this and find out if there's another problem I have that could cause POTS (as it's often secondary).

I'll update again (probably in a month or so) when this happens. Thanks for the responses...

mcperson2k 12-12-2012 08:00 PM

Re: Palpitations, pain & an "air bubble" sensation in my heart
Hey man, I was just doing some research online and found this thread. Almost everything you have described in your initial post is spot on for the feelings I am having.

Im 24 now but used to be very active, but in the last 4 or so years, since graduating and joining the work force, I have become very inactive. When I graduated college I was 185lbs, now I am 225lbs (5'10"). I gained about 30lbs of that in less than 2 years. Just trying to give you a little background.

This summer, on the 4th of July, while I was waiting for my family to come over for lunch, I was sitting in a chair playing xbox. All of a sudden I lost focus in the game and realized that I wasn't very comfortable. I was sweating and my hands were extremely clammy.

Right away I started to feel a pain in my heart. Not so much a pain, as it was just an extremely uncomfortable, and uneasy pressure on my heart. It felt like it was happening in between heart beats, not every time, but frequent enough for me to freak.

I went in and told my mother, and as soon as I started talking about it, and really thinking about it, my body immediately became numb and weightless, and I couldn't hold myself up with out shaking. I was having a panic attack. I finally calmed down enough but I just couldn't believe how fast all this came and hit me, I had never had a panic attack in my life.

Anyway, I was very nervous about going to the hospital, so I kinda sucked it up, and told my mom that I wanted to wait a little bit and see what happens. I counted every single minute that went by. Eventually, the intensity went away and I felt a little better, and ended up staying home.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, but since that day, my life has never been the same. It happens quite often, maybe 4 times a week, sometimes it disappears for a week and then comes back. I hadn't been to the doctor since applying for college, so I finally mustard up the courage to go, and just like I expected, she told me I was 100% fine, and healthy. She even did an EKG(sp?) test and said I was perfect.

She told me it was probably just digestion. Which I still have doubts about, but in her defense, I have, and still do notice that when I defecate, the feelings gradually go away shortly after.

At this point, I have developed anxiety about dying of a heart attack, because I feel like I am having one every week. I can't drink Red Bull anymore because it makes me have sudden sharp pains in my heart, almost feels like my heart stops beating for a second or two.

I take a Bayer aspirin every time I have these feelings, that's how much its scaring me.

I tried eating healthy and walking 2 miles every night, and that seemed to help with the intensity, and it definitely wasn't happening as often then, but its hard to live a lifestyle like that with my job. I hardly have enough time to eat, let alone prepare a healthy dinner.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, just a little relieved (I think) to see I am not the only one.

P.S. While writing this, it's felt like my heart has had irregular beat. Is it? I don't know, but it feels like that. And then when I consciously become aware that it's happening, my body becomes very warm and numb, like I am fainting.

I hate this! Please keep me updated.

shrinkray 05-27-2013 06:29 PM

Re: Palpitations, pain & an "air bubble" sensation in my heart
Did you ever get a full diagnosis/Treatment? Please update as someone I know is going through the same exact thing...


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