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Chest Pains... Worried

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Rattled HB User
Chest Pains... Worried

First off I am 27 year old male that is over weight. When all this started I weighed 380 but am down to 340 now.

So back in February of 2011 I started getting this strange pains on the left side of my chest and in my left shoulder. I went to my doctor and he ran some blood test and an EKG and it was normal. He suggested a stress test but since of my weight at the time I had to do the chemical version of the test instead of the treadmill type. That showed that only half of my heart was working. So I got sent to a cardiologist and he had me do an Echo cardiogram which came back better than normal.

A few months later it wasn't getting any better so I went back and he had me wear a heart monitor for month and again everything was normal. But he did tell me I need to lose weight. So I started dieting and exercising and lost some weight, but still the pains were there.

I went back to my primary doctor and he had an ultra sound of my abdomen done and found out that I had gallstones. So he told me that my gallbladder could be the cause of my problems and I had it removed back in August of 2011, but it never got any better. Worse really. Now I get bouts of breathlessness and dizzy spells/feeling like falling when sitting or standing.

So back in March I went back to the cardiologist and he had me do a stress test again but running on the treadmill this time since I had lost weight and again it was normal.

Now to this day I still get the pains, breathlessness, and dizziness and have no idea what to do now. To make matters worse I lost my insurance and really can't afford to go back to a doctor right now, My parents think that stress and anxiety are causing all of this, but I don't know how to diagnose that.

If any one has any advice I would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance.

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Re: Chest Pains...Worried

Originally Posted by Rattled View Post
That showed that only half of my heart was working.
It seems pretty ridiculous that a diagnosis wasn't made based on that test. If half your heart was working that's a serious issue that should've been taken into consideration. What did the doctor say about this?

I have had a handful of tests done and the doctor says I'm fine, but I have the same symptoms as you pretty much.

The dizziness I've had to get used to. Before standing up, you can try pumping your ankles/feet back and forth to get the blood moving. Whenever I stand up, it takes about 10 - 20 seconds for my heart to catch up. The beats will be pronounced and feel weaker until then.

If you feel too light headed - lay down. Laying down takes virtually no blood pressure to pump blood sideways. If you're sitting down, you can put your head between your legs/hunch over. If you're standing up, you can put your hands on your knees and hunch over - get your body sideways.

What is your diet/lifestyle like? I know what it's like to be overweight - I lost nearly 50 pounds recently. The easiest and most important thing you can do is drink a lot of water. I drink 2 liters a day - you may need more being a bigger guy. Water is a natural blood thinner and nearly every organ in your body will function better with proper hydration.

I would immediately stop drinking anything with caffeine in it and stay away from sugary beverages like soda and juices. And, no diet coke.

I also take cayenne pepper before each meal. It's supposed to stop a heart attack within seconds. This stuff takes my left chest/shoulder pain away within minutes of taking it. Just Google "cayenne pepper heart" to read about it's qualities. It is a stimulant so if you take it by itself, or take too much, your heart might race a little.

I bought a bag of it at the health food store (90k HU is a must) for 75 cents - lasts me over a year. I bought veg caps on amazon and make my own capsules of it. I'll fill up a capsule about 1/5th. Too much and your stomach will really burn and if it comes back up, your throat will be on fire. You can increase the amount every week if you take it daily with each meal.

You may want to consider changing your eating habits for the better. I was recently obese and lost over 50 pounds. I'm still about 20 pounds overweight but that extra 50 I had put me over the edge - I had to do something.

If you can cut out grains and refined sugars and drink a ton of water, the weight will melt off your body. I lost the majority of the weight without exercising.

I do find that becoming more active - at least walking around the house more and doing stuff, really helps the way I feel - especially my heart. I try to be more active even when I feel like laying in bed all day and it helps.

My parents thought my issues were anxiety related as well. I talked to a woman who thought hers were anxiety - she was on meds for a year. They eventually found out she had a heart murmur and fixed it - she's off the meds now.

I think anxiety is unfairly used as a "catch all" diagnosis when they can't find out what's wrong with you. If an EKG can't show it, it must be anxiety. I think it's bologne. I have, however, heard of people who have legitimate health problems that go on anxiety medication and do feel better.

To me, this is sort of like a placebo effect. You feel better mentally and it rubs off on you physically. If you're really stressed out - any problems you have will become more pronounced. I don't think feeling having less anxiety is a bad thing but I certainly don't think that improper heart function can be caused by typical anxiety - which stems from having physical problems in the first place.

Keep us updated on your situation - we're here if you need people to talk to!

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Rattled HB User
Re: Chest Pains...Worried

Originally Posted by JackBlack2012 View Post
It seems pretty ridiculous that a diagnosis wasn't made based on that test. If half your heart was working that's a serious issue that should've been taken into consideration. What did the doctor say about this?
Well they told me because of my size that the test might not as accurate. That is when they decided to have the echo done, which came back normal. I was told that if the echo were to come back anything other than normal they would have a cardiac cath done, but since it was normal the doctor didn't want to have to do that test on a 26 year old with no other evidence of a problem.

As for my eating habits i have cut down on sweets and such. I don't drink soda anymore. I do have cranberry juice and orange juice from time to time. I mainly drink water and tea (unsweetened). I started eating salads more and cut out a lot of my red meat intake. I do have a steak once every few months. I mainly eat chicken and turkey.

My mother recently suggested that this could be my parathyroid. My father started having similar symptoms around this age. So I trying to save up some money to see a specialist about it.

I will check out the pepper stuff, never heard of that before. Definitely worth looking into.

Thanks for responding. Would love to hear any other thoughts or opinions on the matter as well.

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