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Very strange symptoms

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Unhappy Very strange symptoms

Hey all.
18 year old male in moderately good health. Weight normal. 11 stone (sorry, british measurements), lean build.
this might be a long story so bear with me.

All started in early July of this year. I had been smoking cannabis with my pals (i had been a regular weed smoker, 3-4 times a week and roughly 1g each time but never daily) and went to the shop to get some munchies (as you do ). It was a particularly hot day despite the fact that i live on the south coast of the UK so generally quite cold and i started to feel hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. A stitch developed in my left abdomen.

Carried on walking and as my mates went into the shop i had a sit down. by now, my stitch had moved upwards into my chest. Felt dizzy and my vision went kind of dark and blurry. Quite painful at this point and i was very scared, thought i was going to die. Put my hand on my heart and it was completely irregular, no logic to it at all. at very worst id say there was a two second delay between beats.

Anyway to cut a long story short i collapsed shortly after my mates came out of the shop. Next thing i know im on the floor looking up at them. Very confused, probably concussed, extreme back pain. Went white as a sheet, but after a minute or so heartbeat returned to normal, and after 30 mins or so colour returned to my face and i felt normal, if a little shaken.

Went to the doctor and he was fairly reassuring, saying that these one-off events do sometimes happen, usually not at my age but nothing to be worried about. said to come back if it happened again.

Guess what? it happened again. This time again smoking weed in my mates shed, all of a sudden very hot and sweaty, vision blurs, no irregularity of heart beat this time but instead heart pounding very fast, very hard. This happened twice in one week so i went back to the doc and told him what happened. This time he took it a bit more seriously, booked me in for an ECG. I thought it appropriate to tell him that all three times i had been smoking weed, so he told me to stop. I agreed and i havent smoked a joint since

Went in for an ECG, and for a couple of weeks i quit smoking weed and felt fine. However three weeks in i started getting this weird tugging feeling in my heart and occasionally a pinch in my armpit . Then one night i was outside smoking a cigarette and all of a sudden it was like my heartbeat was dull, almost non existent. Same tugging feeling in my heart but this time worse with a bit of pain as well. Could feel rising panic so ran inside to get my old man and fell to my knees, out of consciousness for a very short amount of time. Dad took my pulse and it was 170, definately not dull like before! this time i could see my heartbeat throwing my shirt outwards and felt it vibrate throughout my chest. Calmed down briefly but within 20 mins or so i was having a full panic attack. First one i had ever had, and its actually a symptom i used to mock before this happened. How wrong was i!? Felt seriously wrong, like my heart was going to stop any moment. took me ages to calm down and even then felt horrible. Managed to get to sleep eventually.

Went back to my doctor and told him what happened and that i'd like to know the results of my ECG. he dug it out and apparently there was a slight irregularity but otherwise normal. This was beginning to **** me off so i went back to my normal doctor and told him the same thing i'd told the other GP. He had a look at my ECG and seemed pretty angry (being the senior doctor in the practice) that id been told it was normal. He took me in for another ECG, a blood test, chest x-ray and a urine test.

In the meantime my symptoms were getting worse and more varied. ill briefly list them here
  • Chest Pains. Left, Right and Back but NOT CENTRE
  • Strange feeling in heart as described before. like a hand gripping it and pulling it gently downward
  • Coldness down my left arm and in my hand, and both feet
  • Weird pressure-based headaches which last literally about ten seconds
  • General feeling of anxiety
  • Pale skin whenever i experience any of these symptoms
  • Missed-beat palpitations
  • Strong-beat palpitations
  • VERY RARELY my heart seems not to beat at all but instead like a 5-second flutter, like the wings of a bird taking off or something

When i went back to the doctor he said the tests had all come back normal, including the ECG which had been arrhythmic before. this pretty much rules out anything serious, but this doctor is quite sensible and he did tell me that he wasnt saying there was nothing wrong, just that the tests i had taken didnt reveal anything wrong and my heart appeared to operate strongly enough to cope with whatever was wrong. this was a fairly satisfactory answer, if a little scary. Rather enigmatically he told me to "come back when im 25".

Really what i want to know is,
Anyone experiencing similar symptoms?
What is wrong with me? is it muscolo-skeletal? is it anxiety based?
What can i do to cope?
Are there any remedies that i can make use of?
What THE **** did he mean by "come back when youre 25"
and finally has anyone experienced palpitations before which are gone now? outlook is grim from what ive read on the internet so far.

Thanks for your time, escpecially if you read this wall of text all the way to the end! basically im scared and just want to go back to my happy self. Ive quit smoking weed, doing any and all stimulants (was a mild user of MDMA but also coffee, tea () spirits etc) going out with my mates.. it has literally affected my life in so many ways that im a shadow of how i was before. need guidance and support..

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