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mtower1988 01-11-2013 10:10 AM

Health Questions about sinus tachycardia
For about a year I have been struggling with sinus tachycardia. It started randomly with heart palpitations that wouldn't stop for about an hour. I have had two heart monitors on which showed sinus tachycardia but I did not have an episode with them on where my heart starts and just doesn't know to stop. An ECG which was given to me when I went to the ER but the episode was over.
Basically my heart is usually beating about 100 bpm while resting so when I get up to do anything is speeds up quite abit. Sometimes significantly.
Sometimes upon standing I get a tunnel like vision which comes and then goes after a few seconds. Physical labour can be physically impossible, I will get this feeling like I just cant do it anymore when I haven't even done that much. Before this started I was in very good shape and had no problems with physical labour. I get chest pain sometimes. It will either be a sharp stabbing feeling when I breath which is in the center of my chest or the middle of my back. And sometimes it will just be a constant pain that doesn't seem to go away.
I live in Canada so although health care is free in turn it is slow! I am waiting to get in to a heart specialist which could take a year atleast.
On top of this my back has been thrown out a couple of times. After having an MRI I found out I have slipped discs and bulging discs. Plus early degeneration. I am about 5'5 and weigh about 125 pounds.
I eat constently. If I don't I feel weak and nauseated. I even have to get up in the night to eat. she checked my sugars by getting me not to eat after like 9pm and getting blood work in the am which came back normal but I wander if I have low blood sugars that come and go. One day I ate easter candy all through out the night and drank a fruit smoothy in the morning, when I checked my blood sugars at work using someone elses machine they were like 4 (even after eating junk food all night and a smoothie in the morning)
In general every day when I wake up I feel horrible. My body aches. I feel like i'm 80 years old. It subsides some through the day after moving around but I often feel just generally horrible. I have neck pain and migraines constantly. The back of my head sometimes feels like there is something pushing against the skull causing the migraine. I have TMJ in my jaw which clicks and pops and causes migraines.
About 4 months ago I took my CPR course for work and the instructor has a little gadget that you put on your finger to read blood oxygen levels and heart rate, of course my heart rate was about 117. I never got to see my oxygen level but he seemed udderly shocked by it being low. He brought it up a couple times during the 2day course. My feet often look a little discolored and sometimes if I squeeze a toe for 3secs it can take up to 20secs to turn back to normal. My toenails have started turning a whitish color as well.

I feel that all of this must be related as a 24 year old who has always been healthy cant possibly have this many things wrong at once. I haven't mentioned everything to my doctor as far as low blood oxygen, toe nails, just feeling like crap in general because I feel she will think im a hypochondriac lol
I know im not and this is not in my head but it just seems impossible for this amount of things to be wrong.
Im hoping someone who may have experienced a lot of the same things or someone who knows a lot about this type of stuff might point me in the right direction. Suggest something to be tested for or questions to ask my doctor.
I basically have no app. booked with a doctor and think she has just chopped it off to sinus tachycardia which I will have to deal with. Its just getting harder and harder and new small symptoms seem to be popping up all the time. When I put my back out I didn't even know if I wanted to go in because it was around the time of the test for the sinus tachycardia and I thought she might think im crazy. I was almost happy to find out the MRI showed problems to prove I am not crazy and something is wrong.

Is it possible these things could all be somehow related in some way?
Thanks in advance.

karina29 01-18-2013 04:27 PM

Re: Health Questions about sinus tachycardia
I have sinus tachycardia too and have been struggling with many of the same issues for a few years. I get bad headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeats, and low blood pressure. I have been on a beta blocker for the tachycardia but can't take it due to the low blood pressure. I am now on a different combination of meds but still struggling. Your best bet would be to see a cardiologist to have your condition evaluated. I'm in Canada too, in a large city. I went into an ER with chest pain and tachycardia. Nothing was seen on my ECG or blood tests in the ER, but on my insistence they booked me in to see one of the hospital's cardiologists at their clinic [within 5 days of my ER visit]. If you wait for a family doctor referral, you'll wait a lot longer. I have since seen a second cardiologist at another hospital who I am more comfortable with and who is listening to me. I've had multiple tests -- stress test, echo, cardiac MRI, cardiac catherization, holter monitor, brain MRI -- and I still don't have an answer as to why this is happening. I was a healty, active person before this started.

mecswim 01-30-2013 03:54 PM

Re: Health Questions about sinus tachycardia
Im 24 as well and seen to have a similiar problem and I dont know why. I have high blood pressure, high heart rate, my legs turn blue or purple and when i work out its all just exacerbated. ive been in atrial fibrillation before but we dont know whats causing it all. I also get really bad headaches and dizzy spells, joint paint, fatigue. I feel like when I go the drs they think im making it all up but they can see the high heart rate and blood pressure and the blueness in my legs. I dont know what they can do to test it all and im worried for my future heart health at such a young age. So Im there with you

justaguy300 02-02-2013 09:03 PM

Re: Health Questions about sinus tachycardia
Hello fellow Canadian. Yes, the medical system here is not good. My symptoms started april 2012. It started slow and got worst over time. I've been to the ER 3 times. Each time, they do tests and can't find anything and they say to find a family doctor. There aren't any in Quebec. Some people have been waiting 3 years.

I don't know what I have exactly. Perhaps it is IST. My heart rate hovers around 92-97. I feel crappy. Lots of palpitations. Any little thing is a lot of work, makes my heart rate shoot up.

I also get redness in my hands. It is called Raynaud's syndrome. I think you have it in your legs. Maybe all the way to your toes?

I'm 35. I've had the Raynaud's syndrome since age 12 and was no big deal. With this tachycardia thing, it is game over.

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