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LittleLadyBug25 02-07-2013 04:12 PM

Holter Results
Total QRS Complexes 24hrs- 116700
Ventricular Ectopics 95 (<1%)
Supraventricular Ectopics 154 (<1%)
Heart Rate min 56bpm
max 154 bpm
avg. 83 bpm
rate >120 for 39:38
<50- 0:00
Pauses 0

Ventricular Events
Isolateds 76
In Bigeminal Cycles 0
Couplets 6
Runs 2
Longest 4 beats 109bpm
Fastest 3 beats 174 bpm
slowest 4 beats 109 bpm

Supraventricular Events
Isolateds 47
couplets 52
runs 1
Longest 3 beats 188 bpm

ST Events
ST Depression
Ch1 0 events
Ch2 0 events
Ch3 0 events

ST Elevation
Ch1 0 episodes
Ch2 0 episodes
Ch3 0 episodes

The patient average heart rate was 83 bpm. Heart rates greater than 120 bpm were noted 3% of the time. NO episodes of braycardia were noted.
No pauses exceeding 2.0 seconds recorded.

95 ventricular ectopics which represented <1% of the total beat count. The highest ventricular ectopic frequency occurred -----. During this time 35 VE's occurred. Ventricular ectopics were observed as 76 isolated beats as 6 couplets and as 2 runs.

154 supra ventricular ectopics, which represented <1% of the total beat count were noted. The highest supraventricular ectopic frequency occurred------- During this time 24 SVE's occurred.

No epiodes of ST depression were noted on any channel.


LittleLadyBug25 02-08-2013 12:53 PM

Re: Holter Results
I would just like to mention that these results were given to me by my doctor along with my ECHO report. The only thing that was said about the results wad he asked me if I was more stressed lately. And my meds were upped. I hope someone can give me some insight to my results. I have tried googling asnwers but I am not really finding anyting. Thank you.

LittleLadyBug25 02-12-2013 06:07 AM

Re: Holter Results
well no takers.....I wasnt looking for a diagnosis just curious to the terminology. Not sure what couplets are and if their serious, not sure if I had PVC or PAC. My doctor raised my meds from 25mg metoprolol tartrate twice a day to 50mg twice a day. Hope this helps but during the activity on the holter I didnt notice anything other than a fast heart rate.

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