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Jack51 09-08-2004 12:10 PM

Infectuous hepatitis questions
I am sorry for not having the time to read and learn from all the info here, but I am 51, and as a child at age 5, had infectuous hepatitis. I think that it is called hepatitis B. I am not sure. There were no meds at the time that would help. I was very sick for about 1.5 weeks. I got over it just fine. Now I am one that can't take the statin meds that I need very badly (they affect the liver). My cholesterol #'s are extremely high. I have been diagnosed as having a "fatty liver". I am not overweight, nor do I drink alcohol. My liver test are always normal, except for billerubin (sp), which is slightly elevated, and I think albumin, or something like that, which is out of range. My question is, could that bout with infectuous hep. cause me everlasting problems? I have been told that I can never give blood, and does that sound right? Thanks so much in advance for any info :)

Anti Social 09-08-2004 02:36 PM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
Are you sure you didnt catch Hep C & not Hep B?? The best thing for you to do is go to the DR and request to be tested for Hep C..People infected w/ Hep cant donate blood-of course.

Jack51 09-09-2004 07:14 AM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
At that time, 46 years ago, my older brother and sister also had this, at the same time as I did. The doctor only said that it was infectuous hepatitis. I have been tested for hepatitis C about 2 years ago, and the test was negative. I guess that I need historical info on hepatitis in general. I did think that infectuous hepatitis was known as hepatitis B, at that time, not sure. Of course all hepatitis is infectuous (I guess). Whatever type it was, could it be affecting my health now and not be detectable in a blood test?

Anti Social 09-09-2004 12:25 PM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
These are the 3 standard HBV blood tests:
HBsAg (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen) - A "positive" or "reactive" result indicates that the person is infected with hepatitis B and is able to transmit the infection to others through their blood. HBsAg refers to the outer surface of the hepatitis B virus that triggers an antibody response. It appears 1- 10 weeks after exposure to the virus, and if it persists after six months, it signals a chronic hepatitis B infection.

HBsAb or anti-HBs (Hepatitis B Surface Antibody) - A "positive" or "reactive" result indicates that a person has either recovered from a hepatitis B infection or has successfully responded to the vaccine series. HBsAb refers to the protective antibody that is produced in response to an infection or vaccination. If a person has recovered (which usually takes up to 6 months and is confirmed by this positive test result), then the person is no longer contagious to others. This test is not routinely included in blood bank screenings.

HBcAb or Anti-HBc (Hepatitis B Core Antibody) - A "positive" or "reactive" result indicates a past or present infection, but it could also be a false positive. HBcAb refers to the antibody that is produced in response to the core-antigen, a component of the hepatitis B virus. It is not a protective antibody and is usually present in those chronically infected with hepatitis B. The interpretation of this test result depends on the first two test results. Its appearance with the protective antibodies (HBsAb+ or anti-HBs+) indicates recovery from an infection. For chronically infected persons, it will appear with the virus (HBsAg+).

Jack51 09-09-2004 12:50 PM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
Thanks so much for all this info! You are definitely not anti-social. It does appear that it is a struggle to get to any conclusions. Thanks again :)

Anti Social 09-09-2004 03:54 PM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
Youre welcome =) .....And for the Anti Social part-Im very social on the computer,you should see me in person-quiet as can be LOL...
Im glad to be of some help,tho Im not really that educated on Hep B.Having Hep C myself,I have more info about 'C'..Good luck w/ your search for a conclusion!!

Jack51 09-10-2004 07:25 AM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
So sorry to hear about the hepatitis C. I myself, am a recluse at age 51. I have had a heat attack and stroke. All the friends that I worked with for years don't come around anymore. I guess folks don't like to be reminded of what can happen to us. I have been a part of a wonderful heart support group, of the cyber variety, for 3 years and 2 days ago, I just had to quit. It had become such an obcession. So, I am having terrible withdrawal pains. It is so amazing how attached that you can get to people in support groups. We all had sent pics of ourselves. Well, this posty of mine should be under the "mental Health" section, but just had to get it off the old chest. Thanks again for your kind reply and great info :)

Anti Social 09-10-2004 01:48 PM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
Thank You & youre welcome..Yes it is hard having to live a certain life style,once you get sick your 'friends' seem to fade away.I have always been a private person,keeping to myself.Unfortunatly,at such a young age of 22-I have only my boyfriend & family.Have two friends I talk to maybe once a month,havent seen either in a long time.Im going to start a program(support group) soon,so thankfully I will meet some new people.It helps alot to have understanding people around when you are sick.

Jack51 09-11-2004 05:59 AM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
There is a lot of research out there that I have read, that shows how much better people with heart disease do, if they have good support. They have the statistics to prove it. That probably goes for a lot of ailments. Good luck on your support group. :)

Anti Social 09-11-2004 09:58 AM

Re: Infectuous hepatitis questions
Thats interesting,but not shocking.Good support groups are essential..Hope you find one also!

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