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patjk 12-28-2012 01:19 AM

Chronic, or acute? Solutions?
I am an American and have been living in Thailand for awhile. I've been dating a girl for a few weeks and I found out she has Hep B. She has had it for nearly 3 years. (I'm vaccinated so it isn't a worry).

We went to the doctor the other day and she got some blood tests done and I tried to talk with the doctor but their English wasn't great. They said something like "she should wait to have babies before having treatment". I'm a bit confused by that - does this just mean she has to live with Hep B damaging her liver until she has a baby, or can she start taking something to help her now? I'm trying to determine if she is a chronic carrier or if she will eventually heal herself naturally, but there is a language barrier with her doctors. I suspect if she has had it for 3 years that she is chronic, is that a valid assumption?

Any info would be much appreciated. It is difficult for me to get much more info here due to the language barrier. Many thanks for your time.

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