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nero 12-27-2004 07:08 AM

DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Hi DKay, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...I hope you had a lovely one...I did and am glad it was a success with my family and friends. I am asking you really how long did you put up with the pain till you asked about a second acdf. My surgeon said I had to wait for the radicular pain and it has hit very uncomfortably down both arms and a real sharp pain intermittently not to mention the spasms. My chiro is trying to get me in with a anaethesiologist who does disc shrinkage by injections and is quite known up here for success. My surgeon said get on the list,,don't I guess he figures i'll need the relief in the meantime. I feel very distressed as we are moving into another home this March..something exciting but I feel like I am taking on too much sometimes although this is a great move for my family. I am trying to take 1/2s and 1/4's of percocet with tylenol extra strength to save my poor liver any negative impact long term but my pain threshold is very low lately.. i feel easily frustrated with the onset of more pain after all these surgeries. My hubby asked is there something wrong and I just don't want to get into it can he ever understand..I find it so perplexing to be dealing with this onslaught of pain again after having had such significant relief. I know if I get this other disc out there is hope but the ability to live through this pain again till then is very taxing. Can you give me some inspiration I really need it Dkay. Thanks. Your friend ....nearly new...I thought...Nero

DonnaKay 01-13-2005 02:24 PM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Hi Nero ...

I'm sorry it's been so long since I have been to this site. A lot has been going on in my life and on top of it all, my home pc is broken. Hopefully going to get it back tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I remember your surgeon giving your the advice to wait until the radicular pain began. I cringed thinking of that! Unfortunately, onset of pain for me was October 16, and you know when my surgery was ... so I didn't have to wait long. (For those of you who don't know, it was November 6.) The pain was manageable on October 16, and I was on a cruise ... on 18th, I went on a beach dive with full gear (air tank) and 20 pound weight belt ... walking in that tall white sand with all that weight on, something I should never have done! But I was naive ... I was not familiar with the domino effect. Then, two days later I was carrying luggage that I should not have been carrying. All of that had everything to do with my pain getting to a 10+ so quickly, although, I would never, ever encourage anyone to do anything to get to that point. Who wants to get to that point of pain? Not me, ever again. It was worse than anything I've ever dealt with and I always thought myself to have a high tolerance.

The only thing that helped me get to a manageable point was steroids. As soon as I finished the pack, though, the pain came right back to where the pain pills weren't helping anymore. It was awful. I know you know.

However, I feel like my tolerance has lessened, b/c like you, I get depressed now when I get a familiar twinge of pain. I don't do anything I'm not supposed to, though, trying to make it to the "better alternative" if/when I'll need more surgery. I don't want to share it with my husband, either. Or anyone else for that matter. I totally share your feelings on this matter. Even though my husband is extremely supportive, I just feel like he's probably saying to himself "here she goes again".

I also just got back from a family cruise ... had a very good time this time. Everyone that knew about the previous cruise/neck connection keeps asking me about my neck. It's kind of funny, kind of not.

I'm happy you had successful holidays. We had a not-so-great Christmas, hospitalizing my mother-in-law with a stroke on Christmas Eve. She is still in rehab. This is my first experience with a stroke victim. I have high hopes.

Please let me know how you are doing ... I know it's been a long time since you posted this originally ... I pray you are doing much better than anticipated. When you were sort of "missing" I thought "oh, she must be in Antigua". I don't know anything about shrinking disks. I'm very interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


nero 01-13-2005 02:52 PM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Hi my sweet, isn't it funny..something told me to check today to see how others were doing....I fear of saying anything negative to set off people who are happy with their recovery but my situation has been changed from the high of no pain post surgery for months to oh god what is that AGAIN...and then there was Your Post. :)

I am sorry to hear about your mother in law. A stroke is very frightening for its victim and those around them.. so like my Dad with Alzheimer's you can just be there and reassure them they are okay and you are looking out for them....that's if they can understand dad still calls me a good kid but can't carry on a conversation at all. Life is very precious eh!

Anyway, I was in a hiatus from the pain...taking minimal pain major spasms and now this past week post Christmas I am in a mess... its hard to live this roller coaster life from feeling like an in control happy woman and reduced to a crybaby sitting in a hot tub praying I can just get the surgery and move on AGAIN.

Oh well, I posted another post cautioning others to enjoy their pain free possibly out of shape bodies but it is such a randomly selective yet statistically accurate outcome you just don't want to scare anybody who is I remember feeling...positive positive .. keep on going...THEN BOOM.

Well thanks for the response...I am not on board very often either...trying not to whine....thanks for he reiteration of how your second herniation went down. Up here in Canada we don't get very quick surgery..last time took me 2 years and I was in agony by the time it evolved...this time I am going to scream as we have both noted the second time around your nerves are more easily set how the dog barking drives me crazy.....

So when you can come on board, here and there, I would really appreciate it...its nice to be reassured that I can get through this again...not have to explain myself...and not strain my familial relationships that I hold so dearly. Its hard to complain in light of the Tsunami plight of so many poor innocent souls but I really feel like you :angel: help me get to the light at the end of the tunnel. That is Iam not alone going through this...

Your friend ...nero :wave:

zoey1 01-13-2005 04:53 PM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
oh sweety yall have been in my good thoughts and prayers
nero check out postie on 9 months still pain i have my answers now too finnaly, ( as of today)

but at least i am getting better pain managment now ............i wish you longer periods of no pain and hope though my news wasn't so hot at least i understand the show and knowing is tons better then not knowing
soft warm hugals to you hey look at night sky some amazing stars out there right now its really lovely...........................

misery 01-19-2005 04:02 AM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Nero I found your post and read,I'm so sorry for all your going through,I hope things start to turn around you seem like such a nice person you shouldn't have to go through all this.I do hope your able to get a better handle on your pain.I know it just wrecks havoc on your whole life.So are going to have another surgery? I'ts a very hard desion.I know with everything I've been through,I always think thats it, I'm not trying any more of the docs ideas there just to painfull and they just set me off worse than I was. But I always end up doing them in hopes of some relief.
I do have some questions for you. You seem to be better informed thanI am.
You said that you seen info on cages not working.I've never heard that.
Also, when I had my surgery my ns said he was taking out the disk that was causng problems and then adding the cage to fuse my back, he never took the disk out. Of course I just found this out about 2 months ago.
Now he just tels me that he can't fuse more than 1 level.And he says there is nothing eles he can do for me in the surgery dept.But my pain says that I need to have my back fused. So I'm at a loss as to what happend to my owne body other than it hurts like hell and it is now more painful than it was!!
Apparently my ns thinks that my moving around like a90 year old woman is better thanmoving like my age of 34.
As you can see by more great writing I dont type and I'm pretty much a computer idiot,do you know what web sites i
can look under for info on docs ( like are they any good !) cause you know they always tell you they are.Also any goodsites that tell you about treatment options.
I do know how you fell about talking to family you know they just don't understand,I always feel like my hubby's thinking I should just get over it.And the things I know that isn't what he's thinking he's does everything he can to keep me comfortable and to make life easier for me so why do I feel like I just cant talk to him about it any more? I know that this is putting such a strain on him,I feel so guilty,I haven't been able to work for over ayear or clean my house moe the lawn, garden or any of the other things Iused to be able to do.I know that you have your owne problems and I do hope they get better.I'm just venting,I dont get more than afew hrs. of sleep so I get a little nuts. I'ts just so nice to talk to someoene who understands and doesn't think your full of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people ask me about it they have pity all over there face or they just plain dont believe how serios your problems are.I don't know about you but at this point I just rather people didn't ask cause I dont want to talk to them about it you know some days I feel like I'm losing it!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless your in my prayers as is any everyone eles that reads this.
sincerly heather

nero 01-20-2005 02:22 PM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Hey there sweetie...

Don't worry...just post and vent...

As far as the cages I will route around this p.m. as the cage issue and its problems were discussed on this board by others so its here somewhere. I will get the thread and let you know.

As far as web sites this forum has rules about quoting web sites and especially NOT when they have chat lines on them so it is hard for me to quote you any other than to say type in CAGES used in back surgery (or something like that) and see what other back forums its leads you to wherein they discuss same.

Re; family support....yeah I have found that unless your bleeding people don't get it....I cannot imagine how a cancer victim feels between the pain,..possibly progressive and life threatening. Family can only help so matter how much one is loved others can only understand by personal experience....that's why support groups cannot listen to it every day; they get frightened and just want the old you back and it is pressure on you to expect to be this again.

Take your time....find out what you can...rebook appts. with drs and ask why the pain persists ..are cages known for possible problems ...We are usually in so much pain that when we opt to get the surgery we are not especially attuned to all the pros and cons and only want don't feel bad if questions are after the fact..,,you must fight for an answer.

As far as another surgery, I am hoping to do this disc shrinkage in my neck which will retract the bulge.,.having had the surgery I am able to do it again but it all seems sooo sooooooon.. if I can find an alternative I will... I don't want things worse right????

So I'll be thinking of you too...we all have our cross to bear ...some more crosses than others but gall darnit this is a mechanical problem and it should be fixable and if all else fails know get a pain relief implant or whatever it is called like Jerry Lewis has...he had 30 years of pain ....three years much less and lost 78 lbs and if he can do it and still find a solution you and I and others can.

So take care now and take your pain relief and try some homeopathic lthings like glucosamine and shark's powder etc or whatever else seems to work for others and may work for you.

Good to you later....Nero :wave:

misery 01-20-2005 07:04 PM

Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
Hi, you know you have gift for making people feel better even if you don't feel wonderful yourself!!!!! That is a wonderful gift!!!!
I will do some digging and see what info I can find.I have a tendancy to get lost wondering around on the "puter" asmy brother calls it.This has always been my kids dept.To many times I seem to end up on a loop that I just can't get out of.Mostly because I know the info's there but can't quite get at it.I'ts a conspiracy to keep me
Anyway thankyou for the words of encouragement, they make me feel a heck of a lot better.
What does glucosamine and shark's powder do?
Also have you ever tried accupuncture for pain?I hate needles,but I swear they do not hurt! I went myself for 3 1/2 months while I was still able to work(I was to far gone)but my hubby's godfather went and didn't have to have surgery on his neck (he had close problem to yours) his disk's went back to where they were supposed to be.
You do need a good one,like any other doc. But well worth a try.
I've tried a few homeopathic things but that is something I've just started to learn about. So I don't know a great deal about it.All though I,ve always used my owne brand of meditation, works somewhat.Take care I'll talk to ya later.

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