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captjacksparrow 05-30-2006 05:49 PM

Hiatal hernia,heart flutters,hormones,HELP!
[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety years ago. I had my gallbladder removed a few years back and was told that I have a hiatal hernia.

I have heart palpitations,fluttery feeling,flip flops that gives me more anxiety. I have had all the heart tests and I had an EKG in late March and everything is normal.

Today my fluttering feeling is maxing out and causing me more anxiety. I keep telling myself that it is not my heart as I have no pain whatsoever. Just this in the middle of my chest fluttering.

I am not the best eater and today I had a lousy day eating junk. So I am drinking water this evening in hopes that I can flush everything out and start all over again in the morning. I am burping and feeling better although nothing really is hurting me.

I am in menopause as well, which also causes palpitations. I am sure my hormone levels are up and day each day. So I have a bunch of stuff that seems to combine into a big mess.

Besides drinking more rum(LOL), is there any relief in sight for this? Do we have to put up with this fluttering for the rest of our lives? I certainly don't want surgery unless it is a necessity. Who does want to have surgery?

So if anyone can relate to my predicament, I beg you to please let me(and others know)what you do to help to get past these moments that happen.

I know what the doctor will tell me "lost weight, walk more, drink more water, eat better, sleep better yada yada yada" We all have heard that how many times.

It's not easy to lose weight after having weight problems since childhood("Eat, you will feel better"=comfort food, "Remember, there are children starving in other countries that would beg to eat what I served you"= guilt trip)

I hope to hear from people with similar problems and perhaps get some suggestions or ideas that I can try. Thank you. [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

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