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BadKitty88 02-17-2008 11:25 AM

My success with GERD, Hiatal hernia, and IBS-hope it helps someone
:angel:Hi everyone. Just wanted to share what worked for me, in hopes it will help others. I was on very strong antibiotics for a few months and began suffering from all the symptoms of GERD, hiatal hernia and even simultaneous diarhea and constipation. The doctors never suggested repopulating my system with good bacteria, just kept prescribing Prilosec, Nexium, et. with no relief. Out of desperation, I stopped at a health food store one day and explained my situation to the ladies there. They immediately nodded, got me 2 bottles and told me I would probably be better in a month or so. I admit I was not overly convinced, but I was very desperate. I am so glad I listened to them. I was already feeling better in a week, although I stuck with it for over a month to be sure and complete. (While I realize not everyone has problems because they were on antibiotics, I do believe that many of these problems are due to an imbalance in our system and the medical products don't recalibrate that, they just turn off the stomach acid pumps, etc. It also seems common from what I am reading that people have more than one problem at the time like I did. GERD, hiatal hernia, IBS, etc. I think once one part of your digestive system goes haywire, it causes a ripple effect and symptoms in other areas of that same system.)

Anyway, if these products can help others, I am very happy. The two that I took were..............
Ultimate Flora by Renew Life and
4Digestion by Genesis Today

My symptoms were constant feeling of food stuck in my throat, particularly something very small and scratchy, and felt I could almost cough it up or get it to swallow down, but never could. Very irritating. Very big belches, something I never used to do at all, and even worse, sometimes food and acid would start to come back up when I burped. Feeling very hungry, but then get very full and uncomfortable after barely eating anything. Pressure behind my sternum when I swallowed, and a couple of times, even pain radiating back up after I swallowed. That was scary, thought I was having a heart attack or something. Constantly constipated, and trying to go many times a day. When I did go, it was just very little diarrhea. Miserable.

Hope and pray this helps someone out there. Good health and happiness to all.

Liz1965 02-18-2008 09:08 PM

Re: My success with GERD, Hiatal hernia, and IBS-hope it helps someone
Thank you for posting this. I will give the products you mentioned a try!

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