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hvanderryt 02-23-2008 11:46 AM

colostomy abdominal hernia
Due to the subject hernia, My colostomy wound has dropped about four
inches. Also a large section of my large intestant has drppped to the bottom of my abdominal cavity. It appears to rest partially on my bladder and has distended my skin noticably on the left side.
What are the possible problems this may cause. I have researched some possible problems. I would like info to support or debunk my findings

larbo's wife 02-24-2008 01:30 AM

Re: colostomy abdominal hernia
Hi, My husband developed a fairly large hernia near his stoma also. he has had his ostomy reversed , but still has a large noticeable hernia where his stoma was located. He had major problems with wear time with his appliances with the hernia. Before the hernia developed he could get at least 5 days of wear time. As the hernia became larger ,his wear time became shorter. The weeks before his reversal he was having to change appliances every day.:mad:
He is doing great these days. He is planning on having hernia repair surgery sometime in the future. He has had a couple of blockages due to the hernia. They were very scary and painful but eventually things moved on their own without resorting to surgery. The doctors and I would like him to lose weight before he has the hernia repair done. He is a big man and as result chances are not good that the hernia repair will hold up.
All in all it seems a small price to pay as today he is NED 2 1/2 years after being diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer.:D ,Kathy

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