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terrible 03-05-2008 05:03 PM

Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
Hi all,

Is Reflux & Hiatus Hernia the same thing?
I also have Asthma

As this morning I had this excrutiating pain in my chest then stomach cramps could not have breakfast due to pain put heat pack on which eased the pain hubby called dr's I went straight away they did an ECG heart was very good oxygen levels good then saw the doctor which he examined me & said about a hiatus hernia I have which I thought was the same as reflux hes put me on some tablets Somac 40mg I'm also on Nexium.

I have to go back this day next week to see how I;'m feeling rang my mum apparently my uncle has it she said & hes had a couple of operations.

I know I have to watch what I eat & cannot afford to put on any weght as the dr asked if I've put on weight I haven't been game to weigh myself I said but I may have put on a little out go the chips for me now & no stress or fatty fried foods which I dont really eat. I dont eat 2-3 hours before i go to bed as thats not good bed head is raised too.

I'm glad my chest has eased now just the stomach cramps that come & go.
I looked on the net about reflux & Hiatus Hernia they same both are same this (reflux)

Every year I seem to be getting a new health problem & I'm only still relatively young.

I played tennis last night had an attack had to use puffer I'm glad I had a nurse which was playing on my team she noticed I had asthma & told me take my puffer she looked a little worried. But I was fine. Sad thing is we lost our ladies match & overall too. Hopefully next week we will win & ace the opponents off the court LOL.
Has anyone else had Hiatus Hernia bad?

I look on the positive side as there are worse people out there in the world than me I've been making jokes about my stomach this morning thinking geeze I wonder if this is what child brith is like or gall stones. I'm typing now as I feel OK at this stage if you would've only seen me early when I came home from doctor when it flared up again I was walking stooped over.


NormanB 03-06-2008 12:13 AM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
From what I understand a hiatus hernia is just the top of the stomach protruding up into the chest. GERD is the disease that comes from hiatus hernia and means that stomach juice has caused damage to the esophagus because it has gone backwards up there where is doesn't belong.

terrible 03-06-2008 12:52 AM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
Thank you Norman for your reply it helps me.

JJ1 03-06-2008 08:14 PM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
About ten years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus (or hiatal) hernia when I had an endoscopy done because of severe gastric reflux. The reflux (or GERD) is a possible symptom of the hiatus hernia, so the hernia may cause the reflux but they aren't the same thing. My hernia was described as "mild" but my reflux is definitely severe. I take 40 mg Nexium and if I miss or am late with a dose, I experience extreme discomfort and burning, even while standing up. When I was diagnosed, I think the hernia repair (Nissen fundiplication) was a major surgery but now it can be done laproscopically. I would like to go back to my doc and see if the surgery is an option for me. I am concerned about how long I have been on Nexium.

flowergirl2day 03-07-2008 12:05 AM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
Hi Sharon, :)

Sorry to hear about your problems. I also have all of the conditions you mentioned (or so say the doctors). The hernia/gerd causes the asthma. In theory. I find that it's hard to tell what is causing what. These things tend to go together and the symptoms blend.
What type (if any) breathing problems are you experiencing? Mine were almost constant.

You are right, there are worse things than hiatal hernias and GERD. Our lives are made miserable by GERD so it is worthwhile to try and lessen the symptoms in any way we can. :)

Good luck in your treatment,

terrible 03-07-2008 08:42 PM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
Hi flowergirl,

The breathing problems I'm having are just being short of breath at times.

Last night i was bad with the chest pain & not even eating much & feeling tired.I think it might be due to the Somac 40mg once a day that I'm on.

Today, Saturday I'm a bit better haven't had any real problems hopefully the somac is starting to work.

I'll keep you all posted especially with what the outcome is on Wednesday when I go back to the doctor.

Take care all

terrible 03-12-2008 08:51 PM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
I have good news went for a follow up. I dont have a hiatus hernia it was just a bad case of reflux. Dr. has put me on Ranitidine 1 tab of a night I'm still on Nexium 1 tab of a morning & buscopan if I get servere stomach ache or cramps.

I just need to lose a little weight now which since being sick for 1 week i've lost 1kg. and watch the foods i eat.
We won in tennis too.


flowergirl2day 03-12-2008 09:29 PM

Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia
Hi Sharon,

it's so good to hear you don't have a hiatal hernia. This will make things a little bit easier for you with fewer symptoms. I hope your medication works and keeps the acid reflux from getting out of hand.
Congratulations on winning your tennis match! :bouncing: Thanks for keeping us posted.

take care,

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