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  • Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

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    Old 09-29-2011, 07:18 PM   #31
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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Hi Maria,
    Well it's nice to finally meet another member of the 1% of population that actually suffers from thoracic disc herniation. I have 4 thoracic disc herniated as well as 3 in cervical & 2 in lumbar. I do research with children, so have my day is working with the children and the other 1/2 is at a desk doing computer or data work. I have learned to not push it I know that on days I am feeling off. I won't do certain things like pick up the babies or sit for too long. I am lucky b/c I have a very understanding boss. However, I do not abuse her kindness and always get my work done and then some. But my discs my cause different discomfort than yours. I recommend not doing anything for too long including sitting, standing, laying for too long. I feel like my muscles continue to tighten if I do. I've had pain meds, TENS Unit, trigger point injections, chiro care (he added to prob & popped out a rib), PT, pain med injections, etc.. nothing has worked. I stick to muscle relaxers as needed and not staying still. I've been in pain since March 2009 with no relief & full spasms every few months. I wish you luck.
    Originally Posted by 111maria111 View Post
    Does anyone have thoracic disk herniation? It is the first time I participate in the forum but I've been reading it and I see that it is all very useful. Well, I summarize my case: 6 months ago I had a rear end car accident and I was diagnosed whiplash. Since that time I started with a lot of pain in the middle of my back. The doctor said it was a just muscle pain and that it was normal signs of cervical sprain. After 4 months with the same pain (it is like a knife stuck in the back) I was made MRI and it turned out that I had a thoracic slipped disc. I have done over 40 sessions of rehab, I swim 4 days per week and do gymnastics regularly. I also went to Physiotherapist, private osteopathic and chiropractor and yet I have not noticed any improvement. Due to my work I need to be sitting more than 8 hours ahead of a computer and cannot do so ( I am not working right now). As the T herniated discs are very rare, I would like to know if someone has one and what your experience is, what can be the perspective and if you can recommend me something that does not involve surgery. Thanks a lot!!!

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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    I suffered an injury at work when a 60-70 lb bar fell from 30 ft high and land across my back. For two years, I was in pain. Went to PT, then a work hardening program, where I was told the pain was in my head. My claim was controverted with L&I, went back to work, which is a very physical job, and I continue to have problems. Every doc I saw neglected to order an MRI, though one initially recommended one, but then changed her opinion following the "IME" report from the orthopedic doc who was hired by insurance. Upon finally finding a doctor who took me seriously, I got MRI. Turns out I have a healed compression fracture at the T11 vertebrae addition, there is moderate thoracic facet hypertrophy at t4-t5. At t9-t11 there is disc disease present. I also have a syrinx, post traumatic that is from t-11 to t12. I have varying degrees and types of pain, from numbing to stabbing, to incapacitating. I have found a few measures of relief through 1) acupuncture (couldn't survive without it), 2) PT and pilates 3) massage therapy 4) most recently lidoderm patches - they help more than pain killers and no side effects

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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Im glad to see there are others like me. However I have to say, I have been dealing with bulging/herniated disc since 06- work related injury. Saw a chiro and the pain went away. I fell in a hole about 3 or 4 yrs ago and the pain is back. I (earlier this year) had cortizone injections to help with the herniations around the T7-T8 T8-T9 area of my back, with spinal cord impingement- with a lying down MRI btw. Since then I have noticed that my balance is off more than it used to be, the pain is worse, I have whole body numbness- from head to toe- Chiro asked if I had pain in my face with the numbness told him no- cause I dont. I cant hold on to much, in fact the other day I dropped my wallet 5 times in 5 min, my boyfriend got annoyed and just held it after that. My speech is more mumbled then EVER, to the point Drs are taking notice in it. And many other problems as well, such as bladder leakage- Im only 34 that shouldnt be happening NOW!
    I see a Neurologist on Monday and am a little freaked out. Anyway thanks for letting me read/vent...have a great NEW YEAR!

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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Most people with back issues post on either the Back board or the Spinal Cord Disorders board(mostly cervical). But we have thoracic people on both.

    Your dropping things is more typical of problems with the cervical spine...I had that too. but thoracic surgery is very hard,,,make sure if you are considering surgery that you see the4 very best spine surgeon you can find.....preferably at a major medical center associated with a medical school. They know the latest procedures.

    I've had 2 major cervical surgeries and am headed for a lumbar surgery shortly and possibly a 3rd cervical....and I also have herniated disks at T6-7 and 8 with cord compression(my neck had 5 levels of cord compression with my cord compressed from 12 mms down to 6mms.). Talking to people here and after my own situation, the one thing I have learned is that your outcome will be a direct result of your doc's expertize. You see just anyone, then you risk a mediocre outcome or worse. You see the best you can find and your outcome will be much, much better. You are young and you need to see the best.

    I am a regular on the Spinal Cord Disorders board and you are very welcome to join us and add to our knowledge.


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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Hello all. I was diagnosed with a large left paracentric T11-T12 disc herniation severely deforming the spinal cord. Also mild disk herniation at L1-L2 and lateral recess stenosis at at L4-L5. I don't have much back pain but I've had left foot drop that's progressively gotten worse since Feb-March of 2011.

    The neuro-surgeon wants to operate with a left transpedicular approach (with likely fusion.) I'm going to a well-known teaching hospital in the midwest and am scheduled for surgery in about 2 weeks. I have my pre-surgery physical/CT scan this week and have a lot of questions for the surgeon. I guess there is about a 5% chance of total paralysis of the lower extremities with this surgery too.

    I'd like to know if "kflynn0318" has had success with her surgery. I saw she posted in march of 2011 but didn't have any posts after that.

    Has anyone had thoracic fusion and if so, how are you doing now? Am I in for a long recovery due to the fusion part of the surgery? I was thinking of getting a 2nd opinion at some higher-ranked hospitals but they charge around $1000 and are kind of far for me to travel.


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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Thorman, why don't you go and check with the Back Problems board and see if "kflynn" has posted since surgery there. Since yours is part lumbar, you might find more with the same problem there as well.

    And I wish you luck with the surgery. The fact that you've gotten a good surgeon is so important and says a lot about how prepared you are. And what I tell everyone about spines is that pain has little to do with the need for surgery....numbness or obvious nerve problems tell the docs a whole more than pain does. Pain means a nerve is alive and kicking.....lack of pain says the nerves/cord are in trouble. Right now, I am waiting for lumbar surgery and I have no pain...but my feet are numb.

    So follow up on the Back board and if you have trouble finding help there, come on down to the Spinal Cord Disorders board and say hello. Mostly cervical people but several have had other spine surgeries as well.

    Take care and good luck.................Jenny(fused C3 to T1)

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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    Hi, I took a fall at work years ago on the "small" of my back - being that it was a workers' comp injury - a lot of the truth was hidden from me for years. I ended up with a large calcified herniated disc & I'm not sure what else BUT I will tell you what I learned was. Doctors don't like to deal with the thoracic spine. If you have continued pain I can only suggest that you see a thoracic specialist AND GOOD LUCK!

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    Re: Anyone with thoracic disk herniation?

    I have lumbar herniation - i just want to tell you that the pain was long term until i found out it got worse when the Dr put me on a statin for cholesterol - then i couldn't walk,,,,i cut out the statin, then i cut out the Ambien too.....pain is much more manageable - are you taking either?

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