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riverphx2 01-28-2013 10:50 AM

Female Hiatal Hernia need diet help
Hello everyone, so about a week ago I found out through an Endoscopsy that I have a hiatal hernia at the age of 24. Probably somewhat common at the age but more so at 50. I also was told I have gastritius(Spelled wrong) So, I've been going on a diet and trying to put good food in my system but I don't know if what I'm eating is good or bad. I've been reading as much information as I can online but get mixed ideas. All the food I have been eating people say shouldn't be eaten. For example, the foods I eat are whole grain bread, egg whites, chicken, tuna, apples, applesauce, water, Broccoli, Carrots, turkey, and bananas.

So far, the foods I eat are okay except for bananas I love them but I think they're hurting my stomach the bothersome issue I get goes to my galbladder. Its not painful or severe its just like "oh great bothersome" I can go on with my day.

I just don't know what is good to eat. I bought over 100$$ of food like light butter with flaxoil and just the same food as above. But I would like to know what else can I eat that will help the hernia and maybe event the glabladder. For example, I bought some protein shakes that substitute a meal are those bad? and what about Skim milk? I bought that too and wonder if its safe to drink? Litterly, any advice or help would be just great thanks.

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