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Mandolyn 03-08-2013 07:21 PM

hernia by belly button, can this cause silent reflux?
i got a hernia with my last pregnancy which was 8 years ago. it's small, and i push it in all the time. is it ok to push it in? sometimes i have sharp pains around that area and a few years back i was having some stomach pains that would come in waves... very strong and then sometimes they would spread to my chest area and tighten. my doctor told me this is probably silent reflux and put me on prilosec 40 mg a day. i took that for a while and it worked. then i was only taking the prilosec like twice a week because i would forget. sometimes that pain would come back, but never as bad as the first time. i am back on prilosec every day because i was having a very dry, sticky mouth and burning tongue that got worse within a week. i didn't know these types of hernias could be related to GERD so i am asking if they are. i know hiatal ones are. can a naval hernia be related?

and is it ok to push it back in all the time? i do this several times a day out of habit.

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