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rccolsa 06-29-2020 03:19 PM

Little assistance?
This starts as usual. Had unprotected sex with a female. Few days later get tingling and burning. 3 pimple like bumps pop up in like a triangle(not clumped together at all) below the tip. Approx 1/4" from each other. A few days later at the base/sack a few more popped up. Same tingling/burning there. I got sick as a dog for about 8 days. When the pimple like things popped, it was a darker orange color. Not white or traditional puss. After popping skin got irritated and puffy...After the first pimples healed, still kinda itchy with a white crust almost. You can see differences in skin color where they were now...I just got approved for insurance and will go in. But can anyone maybe give me some good news and say its a diff kind of infection? lol. help.

quincy 06-29-2020 09:20 PM

Re: Little assistance?
Seems what I would suspect...please let us know the outcome.


MSNik 06-30-2020 04:07 PM

Re: Little assistance?
Dont pick or'll spread the infection. If it is Herpes, its a virus and virus's shed.... it will take a few weeks before you are no longer contagious, in the meantime, you want it to dry up and picking it will spread it further. Hands off... go see a doctor, there are meds you can take to hasten the healing and reduce the chance of another outbreak.

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