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Broken_Angel 02-25-2005 11:35 AM

confused....herpes or not? how fast can an outbreak come back???
okay let me start from the begining...ive been in a relationship for almost 5 years now me and my bf (thomas) were going thru some rough times and i had relations with another guy (alan) when i met alan me and thomas werent having sex....we were barely together....i went out with alan and we had sex unprotected a couple of times...i know it was a stupid move on his and my part...anyways about a week and a half later i noticed like small scratch and didnt think anything of it becuz we had some pritty rough you know what ...well a couple days later i start having a clear yellowish discharge and it kind of burned when i urinated and the scratch was still there but didnt seems any worse first intial thought was a yeast infection..ive never had one before so id idnt knwo what caused them or the symptoms of one..thinking it was a yeast infection i go buy the monistat 1 day kit.....did what it said and went to bed...when i woke up my vagina was way swollen,i noticed little sores all around the lip part of my vagina that ached burend and itched all at the same time,i couldnt urinate at all it was too i go to the hospital...they take a bunch of blood and put a catheter in me to get a urine sample....when the doctor came in he didnt listen to what i was trying to tell him..he looked at me for 2 secs said i have herpes wrote a prescription for vicodin and valtrex and walked out i know doctors see these things all the time and he prolly just seen it 10 times that day but still...anyways i had a follow up at my doctors office a week later to get my test results from the er..all my blood and urine came back clean,negative for doctor said the only real way to detect the herpes virus is to get a swab from an open sore..when i went to my doctors you couldnt even tell where they where ...everyone tells me it shouldnt have cleared up that fast..especially that being my first OB if in fact that is what it was and i dont and alan had oral sex so wouldnt i have sores on my mouth too?...all of that been 2 weeks sunday since ive been to the doctors.....and 2 days ago i started having the same thing happen...the discharge...sores just not as pritty sure i have herpes...if not that a horriable allergic just doesnt make sense to me at all.....the guy i slept with doesnt have a sore on him..i know u dont have to have a visable or open sore to give the disease to someone else but hes with his ex now and shes pegnant and has been tested and both of them say they have never had any kind of OB.....alan did tell me one of his ex's had it but they never slept together and she was taking medication for it...even if he was lying..wouldnt his ex have it too? or is it possiable to be with someone who has it..dont know it...and they not give it to u? ......its all very confusing....and now its back so fast? and why dont i have them around my mouth? and what am i suppose to do? my doctor pritty much told me she cant tell unless she gets a swab from an open sore but by the time i can get an appointment there already gone....the sores never last more than i just suppose to go to the doctor and they tell me they dont know and take a prescription that cost alot for nothing? any help would be awesome...thnx for listening :)

beaker24 02-25-2005 03:18 PM

Re: confused....herpes or not?
1. If you have genital herpes, it is probably HSV2, although it could be HSV1. If it is HSV2 this will explain why you don't have the sores on your mouth. HSV1 is primarily an oral disease though is increasingly found genitally. On the other hand, HSV2 is almost always a genital disease. Though it does sometimes appear on the mouth, this is quite rare (there would probably also only be one OB in this case).

2. If you wait 3-4 months after the sexual contact you think gave you herpes, you can get a herpes blood test. If you get a type-specific one, it will tell you whether you have HSV1 or HSV2. If you test positive for HSV2, you can be pretty confident that you have genital herpes for the reasons given in 1. Quite a lot of people will test positive for HSV1; this could indicate an oral or genital HSV1 infection - quite a bit more likely to be oral, though could be genital.

Good luck!

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