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  • I've Been Saved!!! Tested Negative For Herpes 1 and 2, I was certain that I had it!!!

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    Old 02-28-2005, 12:52 PM   #1
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    I've Been Saved!!! Tested Negative For Herpes 1 and 2, I was certain that I had it!!!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share with all of you that my tests came back negative for Herpes 1, 2, and 3. I posted my story on here before, that I was getting sores and pimples on my penis, but that turned out to be a reaction from all the medication I was taking to cure a Urinary tract infection! Here is my story. I just wanted to thank everyone on here, for all of their help, and advice. This is a wonderful resource, and it defintely helped me through a very dark time in my life. For all of you that I are sure you have something, go and get tested, its a huge relief to find out what you have. For me I was too scared to go and find out what it was, so I stressed myself out for six months, and self diagnosed myself. This experience has changed my life, and I have vowed to live a different more careful life. I defintely learned my lesson. I want you all to know that I will still be helping people on these boards, the same way people helped me. Best of luck everyone, and here is my story:

    Desperately Seeking Help!!! I Pray its not Herpes!!! Very Depressed Need some Advice!


    Okay Here goes my story, its sorta long, for those who read it and give me advice I thank you in advance. Okay I am a 25 year old male. I have had three sexual partners in the last six months. During the last semester of college, I started dating a girl and we began having unprotected sex, after she assured me that she was clean and had been tested. Right after we broke up in June, I started getting the urge to urinate a lot, and burned while I urnated, I would also get a clear discharge after I urinated. I didnt do anything about it for two months, thinking it was just a urinary tract infection, and that it would go away, finally in August after severe pain in my kidneys and back I went and saw a Urologist, who diagnosed me with a urinary tract infection, and perscribed me with a cycle of cipro and doxcycline. This relieved the pain in my back and kidneys, but still hurt when I would pee. I went back to him in October and he perscribed me with Sulfameth to try and clear up the infection, and it did a little, but it still hurt a little while I urinated, and I would still get a slight discharge after urinating. I had two other sexual partners during the time, both were protected. Around December, six months after my relationship ended with the girl in question, I noticed a few small red dots on my penis, they were round and looked like right under the skin, the weren't raised. They didnt hurt, bleed, or scab over. They went away after three days. I really just thought it was a reaction to all the medicine I was taking to rid myself of the urinary tract infection. I continued taking the sulfameth and it was making my urinating somewhat normal, but still a slight pain and a slight discharge although it was getting better. The doctor had no clue what it was. Then a few days ago, Its now February I noticed a few red spots had returned. They are red dots and one is on my shaft, one is on my base, and the other is on the base of my penis. they dont itch, hurt, or bleed. I dont have the typical side effects of herpes, no back pain, no tingling, just these spots. Again I thought it was a reaction to the medication, but I am not so sure anymore. I made an appointment to get tested next week, and lets just say I am freaking out. I am so depressed about this, I have always been a happy good looking kid, and now I feel so sad and depressed, and feel that my life is over. I keep thinking who is going to want to be with me, I am damaged goods, I will never be able to get married, and live a normal healthy life, I keep thinking about killing myself. I have never been depressed before. I called the girl who I had been in a relationship with six months prior and she 100% swears that she does not have any std's and has been tested for herpes before. She never had an outbreak when i was with her, as we were sleeping together on a daily basis so I think I would have noticed, and she was never on valtrex or anything. She swears up and down that she has been tested twice in a six month period and is clean. What could this be? Does it sound like Herpes? If so what do I do? I really am so depressed, and feel like my life is over. I have had several girls ask me out, and I dont even want to start another relationship with anyone until I know what this is. I have lost a lot over this, including my job, I find myself crying uncontrollably, and sleeping all day. What do you all think? I really hope this isn't herpes. I have vowed to live a different life if I test negative. I have been praying on a daily basis, and have told myself that I will never have unprotected sex again until I am married. Prior to sleeping with the girl in question, I had slept with two other girls one protected and one not. The one that was unprotected was her first time with anyone unprotected, and prior to that I was with my girlfriend over four years, who we were each others first time. I keep saying to myself I didnt deserve this, I am not some **** who took risks and chances. I simply was cheated. Someone please give me advice. Does this sound like Herpes? Thank you all for your advice.

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    Re: I've Been Saved!!! Tested Negative For Herpes 1 and 2, I was certain that I had it!!!


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    Re: I've Been Saved!!! Tested Negative For Herpes 1 and 2, I was certain that I had it!!!

    Thats awesome, congrats to you. I can only imagine how happy you must be!!

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    Re: I've Been Saved!!! Tested Negative For Herpes 1 and 2, I was certain that I had it!!!

    Lucky you!!!! I can just imagine the relief you feel.

    I have to put my hand up and admit that i sometimes get a tad annoyed when people come onto the boards and keep asking "is it herpes, is it herpes, is it herpes" and people on the boards tell them repeatedly to get tested as it will be a big relief if it's not herpes and if it is herpes, they can put in place a plan of action on how to deal with it.

    I can't stress enough for people who still don't know if it is or isn't hepres PLEASE GET A BLOOD TEST OR SWAB DONE as it's the only way you will know for sure what it is you have or are experiencing. It's also no good to start taking med's for a condition you aren't even 100% sure you have as it can cause additional issues.

    Thanks also for posting your history as i'm sure it will help somebody who may be going through a similar experience and once again congratulatins. Don't feel you have to leave the herpes board entirely either as you have had a different experience compared to others and you could be of great benefit in getting people who still are afraid of getting testing done to go ahead and get tested.

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