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Ornament 03-02-2005 11:28 AM

Lemon Balm
Has anyone tried this topically? :confused: I found a website site in Australia, that says it is used to reduce the severity of ob's and speed up the healing process. Just wondering, if anyone has anymore info. to share????? :eek: -ShinyOrnament

Stillhope1 03-02-2005 01:22 PM

Re: Lemon Balm
Yes I have tried a prdoct with lemon balm in it. It was OK but expensive. Maybe straight lemon balm would not be bad to buy. I mainly look for stuff to prevent OB's and stop replication and shedding. Let me know how it works. I have also heard a lemon juice and salt pack works well.

Ornament 03-05-2005 07:44 AM

Re: Lemon Balm
Bumping up, for more responses....

JDgirl 03-10-2005 08:26 AM

Re: Lemon Balm
HerpecinL has lemon balm in it, I used it on my son who has had a neverending cold sore and it cleared up within the hour.

renessa14 03-10-2005 06:50 PM

Re: Lemon Balm
After looking all over when I was first diagnosed (I was searching for any kind of quick fix for the pain), I finally found lemon balm at a health food store. It was $7.99 for 100 capsules. It is also called Melissa or Bee Balm as well. You can make a tea out of it and either put it on the sore, which is kind of soothing, but messy too. I think it is good for stress relief, which is what causes most of our outbreaks anyway. I personally don't take it regularly, but I know everyone's relief methods are different. Hope this helps you!!!

Audrey-B 04-15-2005 02:47 AM

Re: Lemon Balm
I was just doing some research on the net and i've come across lemon balm and remembered that Shiny had mentioned it on this board. I also came across another plant called Prunella Vulgaris, which i believe is a type of mint. Both of these plants are used in an ointment which is being advertised on the net. I thought i might check out some healthfood stores to see what types of natural ointments are available or even better an Asian herbalists, they are usually pretty cluey when it comes to health issues where westerm medicine just wants to write you out a prescription for drugs.

Apparently the lemon balm has similar healing powers to honey and royal jelly. I wonder if there is something in this? Could you then just smear some honey or royal jelly onto the ob area?

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