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teachergrl 03-03-2005 11:02 AM

autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I've had HSV-2 for 5 years. About a year or so ago I started having an increase in outbreaks. I am now on suppressive valtrex. 1 g 2 times a day and I still have mild ob's once in a while. i'm not on meds for the RA yet. Does anyone know if an autoimmune disease can trigger more outbreaks? Please help. Are there people who have taken Valtrex and not had much success with it?

BTW: I am neg for all STDS including HIV


Stillhope1 03-03-2005 12:28 PM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
Have you tried natural methods instead of meds?

Ornament 03-03-2005 01:17 PM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I take valtrex only when necessary, which is usually 2-3 days prior to my period. I'm afraid my body will become immune to it, otherwise. And some if it's side effects, literally scared me! Otherwise, I take my "daily handful" of vitamins and supplements, just to boost my immune systems overall. Which really seems to be working for me. I was diagnoised approx. 16 mo ago, and had ob's every month up until 2 months ago and now, it's alot better. Not sure, if it's what I'm taking, my healthy changes or my body adjusting to the virus overall, but something seems to be working...(as she crosses her fingers & toes) Hope something here was helpful, Smiles -ShinyOrn.
P.S. I have HSV-2, gentially.

teachergrl 03-04-2005 06:22 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I've tried natural rememdies. I've seen a naturopath. I've had this for 5 years,but it's only begun to act up as the arthritis began. Prior to this, I had only had 2 noticeable ob's. Now I have symptoms almost all of the time, even with the valtrex. The docs don't seem to know much. Anyone else with an autoimmune prob and HSV-2?

Stillhope1 03-04-2005 07:04 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
Try stabilized Oxygen

unlucky_guy 03-04-2005 10:14 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
The Herpes virus has actually been linked to rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune other words, Herpes is actually a cause of rheumatoid arthritis. However, I don't see how having rheumatoid arthritis would cause more outbreaks.

lifechange 03-04-2005 11:11 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I wonder if there are different '' strains'' of herpes? I know their are different types of HIV. I am also on the Valtrex supressive and I still get o/b's...for some reason I have been getting outbreaks all month. Diet is good, no alcohol or foods to irritate it, sleep well, excellent physical shape and no other STDs so I can't figure it out at all. I read that herpes can cause MS too, who knows but I think herpes is more severe than a '' pesky little skin condition''...

teachergrl 03-07-2005 08:16 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I've read all about how EBV and HSV can induce autoimmune probs. But in my case I had the RA before the H. I know that RA causes the body to attack T-cells, so could that be why I'm having more ob's? I've also heard a few other people say that Valtrex doesn't work well for them and some say not at all, but they've tested neg. for the resistant strain. Anyone else have any other info?

karmaburger 03-17-2008 11:19 AM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
I too have an autoimmune illness,but have had herpes since, possibly 1976. It really didn't rear its ugly head until 1998 or 99 when I was going through a divorce and was under terrible stress. The ob's were constant. I was diagnosed with PMR in 2007 and from everything I've read suggest that the virus that I carry is what probably brought on the PMR. My next problem was Prednisone that my Rhuemy prescribed for the was like feeding the herpes virus. Its been a real Catch 22 batteling the two illnesses. As I reduced the Pred, and began taking Lysine, Zinc and extra Ester-C, High B Complex during the first sign of an ob, I noticed that the duration of the ob was shorter and the time between ob's became a bit longer.

I hope that this message finds you feeling better.

catharine101 03-17-2008 04:40 PM

Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms
Just thought I'd let you know that you are responding to a post from 2005!! :)

We've all done it...

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