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jcmbn 03-09-2005 01:21 AM

What would happen if.....
Do any of you know what would happen if you were to use abriva or herpicine on genital outbreaks? I just thought of this and didnt know what would happen. Because shouldnt this work if you have HSV-1 on your genitals?

kierstyn_04 03-09-2005 12:29 PM

Re: What would happen if.....
Nothing happens, I tried it.

kierstyn_04 03-10-2005 11:30 AM

Re: What would happen if.....
I have also wondered what would happen if you used some kind of drying product like clearisil or some for my treatment used to dry up or heal acne such as sylisic Acid or benzoyl peroxide. Has anyone tried it? It seems like it would make them heal up faster, then again I am only asking this if you get your OB on a "outer" part knwo what I mean, not like for women who get them in a sensitive spot, but sometimes you get them off to the side, so what would it hurt.

jcmbn 03-10-2005 03:31 PM

Re: What would happen if.....
I havent ever tried using clearisil or anything like that. There is something else I have found that seems to get the outbreak over with faster. Well I know this may sound weird, and I dont know if anyone else does it, but when I have the blisters on my outside skin i break them open and then they scab over and heal way faster for me than if i just let it get to that point by itself. I know that my sound gross, and I havent ever heard anyone talking about doing that before, but it makes it scab over and go away cause the blister has broken. Well that seems to speed up the process for me.....hope i didnt gross anyone out.

beaker24 03-10-2005 04:49 PM

Re: What would happen if.....
It's not really a good idea to break open herpes sores as it hurts and you run the risk of infecting them with something else! I'm surprised it helps yours heal more quickly! - trying that kind of thing on my oral herpes when I was younger was exceptionally painful and always made the outbreaks last longer.

kierstyn_04 03-11-2005 08:36 AM

Re: What would happen if.....
No you didnt gross me out, I do the same thing. I have GH though not oral, so when I feel it, I usually break it while in the shower and use a antibacterial soap, kinda stins, but it will be done in about 2 days after that. It helps me too.

jcmbn 03-11-2005 03:07 PM

Re: What would happen if.....
Yeah, I have never had it orally either I just have GH as well. I am kind of surprised to hear that other people do that too, since its not talked about on here, but at the same time not so surprised. I started doing that about maybe 5 months ago. It was really bothering me one day and I got to thinking about if the blister was broken then it should scab over and go away, so i broke the the blister and sure enough.....and so I've been doing it ever since, it really doesnt hurt much at all like you said, just a little sting when I wash it, thats about it.

rhonda45 03-14-2005 09:47 AM

Re: What would happen if.....
I have oral herpes. have had since I was a kid.. I have always broken the blister and then it scabed over and healed quicker.. once I have tried not to break the blister but it seems to take longer to heal.

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