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PunkPrincess05 03-26-2005 04:32 PM

I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Ok, so I'm really starting to become freaked out. I had unprotected sex with a guy I work with this past week in a drunken one nighter. I know, I'm a complete idiot, but I was really not in-tune with what I was doing. I was pretty wasted. So my friend I work with tells me that this guy used to have an STD. She believed it was one that could be taken care of, like Chlyamidia, but she wasnt entirely sure. She also mentioned that it might of been a rumor as well. So of course I freak out and start worrying about getting an STD. So I look up symptoms for herpes online and ultimately lead myself into thinking I have it. I have a sore throat and other flu like symptoms like headache and backache. It also mentioned that your groin might ache a little. So of course, right after I read this I start feeling a pain in my groin. So I've read symptoms over and over at least 30 times and each time I do, I start to feel as if I'm suffering from even more. I think I'm so worried and stressed that I'm forcing myself to believe I have herpes. I keep looking at myself down there too, expecting to see sores. Luckily nothing yet, but it does look pretty red on the inside flaps of my lips. I think that might be from my touching and messing so much down there. I also noticed a couple tiny-tiny bumps too. I am worried about those. I am assuming they are from irritation or possibly razor burn. I am just so scared. I just keep scaring myself even more. I dont think I'd even be worried at all if I hadnt heard that this guy might have had an STD. I think I am psyching myself out and leading myself to think I have herpes.

Can someone (pref. a female) who has had herpes explain to me what you feel like before your first outbreak occurs? And can you please tell me what it looks like down there before you have an outbreak?

I am just so scared. Thank you so much.

hsvmom 03-26-2005 05:26 PM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
In my experience, that stuff is usually just rumors. But if you are worried, see your doctor to examine the bumps and redness. You can have a test done now and one done after several weeks to see if you were exposed to herpes.

Piranna65 03-26-2005 07:53 PM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
I wouldnt be so stressed.

My primary started with headache for a few days. Then I got what I thought was a yeast infection. Lots of white discharge. so thought yeast infection. got a 3day treatment and nothing. then I started getting sores and burning urination. Made an appointment and the rest is history...

Dont stress it. If you want to know the truth ask or like hsvmom mentioned go to a doc.

PunkPrincess05 03-27-2005 05:41 AM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Do you think I've just freaked myself out so much that I'm worrying over nothing? I have had a headache off and on the past couple of days and also flu-like symptoms. But only in the morning when I wake up really. I feel conjested, my nose is stuffy and my throat is real itchy. That's about as far as my flu-ish symptoms go. I also have had some back pain lately, but I think that might be from all the stress I'm putting myself under due to constant worrying. I really only started having symptoms after I read online what symptoms were for herpes. I don't have any odd discharge, seems completely normal. I dont itch, burn or tingle anywhere at all in my pubic region. I just keep looking down there, expecting to see something terrible. When I looked really close, I happened to see those tiny bumps I mentioned before. There's only about 4 of them total, and they are barely noticable. It wasnt until I looked with a large amount of light that I saw anything. And they are on the inside-flaps of my vagina. It looks red, but I think it may be from me constantly touching and opening, looking for bumps and what not.

About testing, where's the best place to get it done? I want to go, but I'm just nervous and scared. I dont even know what I'll do if I have herpes. I don't have any sores or anything, so how will they test me? I have a gyno appointment this coming up month, dont they test for all STD's when swiping down there? I'm not sure if herpes are included in the test, but I assume they would be. Anyone with advice, wisdom or encouragement is greatly appreaciated right now! Thank you!

Piranna65 03-27-2005 07:05 AM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
The headache is probably because your stressing over something you probably dont have. The congested head could be allergies or a cold your getting not herpes symptoms.

Your not itching, you dont have sores, burning urine!! I've had ingrown hairs they almost look like pimples, if that is what you have your are safe.

Testing can be done two ways. They can do a blood test (not so acurate) or cultural swab of the bumps, you only have 4, my guess is this is not herpes. If your that worried go in. They will just you a q-tip swab them and send it in for testing you'll get results in a week.

Pap smears DONT look for STD's They look for abnormalities of your uterus. Not herpes, gonheriah, clamidia, HIV ect...Thats a whole new ball field.

A blood test will check for EVERYTHING if you ask for everything make sure you include herpes in that request. Blood test is probably the same time frame a couple days to a week.

dont stress it, you sound fine to me. keep your mind busy with other things...goodluck your fine..

zorba 03-27-2005 07:19 AM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Please take my advice and get checked. The worry you put yourself through will drive you nuts. Take it from me. Getting checked and tested will give you peace of mind. Then you could put this whole incident behind you.

Good Luck.

PunkPrincess05 03-27-2005 11:13 AM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Thank you so much. You have no idea how much better you have made me feel.

beaker24 03-28-2005 09:52 AM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Note that as well as pap smears not testing for herpes or indeed any STDs (they test for changes in the cells indicating cervical cancer or pre-cancerous cells - I don't know why people think they test for STDs! It is not their function), the standard STD tests don't test for herpes either - you need to ask for it specifically.

Good luck!

Berkshiregirl 03-28-2005 01:04 PM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Don't Worry! From the sounds of it - it seems like your psyching yourself out. First my headaches were HORRIBLE like disabiling to the point were I couldn't work! STOP thinking about it - We all live with herpes and if you do have it - you will be fine - we are! I don't know about anyone else but haven't you ever been scared you were pregnant and all of a sudden you have backaches, feeling sick to your stomach in the morning etc. and it was nothing, I'm sure this is the same thing- so just relax!
When you do go to the gyno - I would tell him/her your experience and they would do a test for it - but it is not standard! Just relax and everything will be fine.

ROLLERGIRL 06-04-2005 01:27 PM

Re: I'm freaking myself out! I need someone who has herpes opinion please
Hi PP -

I just wanted to lend you my support because you and I seem to be in the same boat and I wanted to connect with someone who is going through the same thing.

I, like you, had a drunken one nighter with an aquaintance a couple of weeks ago. STUPID. Same thing happened - I had flu like symptoms about 3 - 4 days later, and about 5 days later some mild tingling and itching in my vaginal area - but no pain, no blisters. I like, you am CHECKING CHECKING, CHECKING, mirrors, lights, the whole thing. Constantly. Sometimes I have to giggle because it is just ridiculous, squatting on a mirror shining a desk lamp on my privates! On closer inspection I noticed some almost imperceptible bumps, but it just looks like a red hair follicle, not pimply, not sore, no whitehead. UGH. I don't know if they were there or not before only because I never really checked like that before!!!

So, I took the first (scary) step of going to a Planned Parenthood to get a visual and vaginal inspection AND to get a blood test. I have a regular gyn but she was unavailable and I was driving myself crazy with this. I won't get the test results back until Friday, but luckily I am going to my regular gyn on Monday and maybe can get the one day POCKit test.

The thing that is the most worrisome is that I still have the classic flu-like symptoms. No fever, but sore throat, stiff neck, aching. The annoying thing is that where I live (los angeles) there is a serious virus going on right now (flu) so everyone I know is complaining of the same symptoms so it makes me extra confused, concerned, anxious, scared, etc.

Please keep in touch via the board and let me know what's going on with you. Your story is so similar to mine and it's nice to know that there is someone out there who is going through the same thing. Best of luck to us both. I'll let you know how things turn out.

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