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preocupado 03-30-2005 08:39 AM

hsv-1 and hsv-2 differences?
Here I am again asking my questions! Hope you have the time and patience with me :)!

Hereīs the situation: had my primary outbreak a month ago. Blisters (on the outer labia, pubic region and possibly around the anus), flu like symptoms, swollen lymphs in the groin, achy muscles, skin sensations, vaginal discharge. No pain urinating, the biggest pain came from the muscle like aches in my genitals. I was put on Acyclovir for 10 days which seemed to help. Do not know how (oral or genital) and from whom I got the infection. Symptoms started though 2-4 days after my last sex encounter. A type specific blood test was done a week after symptoms started, negative for both hsv-1 and hsv-2. So I know I had neither before, orally or genitally.

The symptoms seemed to go away in the following weeks from the onset of the primary ob. The blisters cleared away first, the swollen lymphs and fatigue persisted the longest. Now, a month after it all started I seem to have my second ob. Started yesterday. Very very slight itching if any around my anus or other genital parts, some red bumps which might have been herpes or not close to my anus. But mostely just this: pain on one said of my groin, like previously in the lymph region, feels like Iīve pulled a muscle. And some skin tenderness on the top of my butt, close to the spine I guess. Nothing visible today, no clear redness (I think), no blisters, no bumps (I think). I do have some pimple like rash on both of my butt cheeks, have been there for the whole time since this all started, maybe even before, never looked that closely before. They donīt hurt, no blisters, just red even round small spots, like small pimples.

Started taking Acyclovir again, less than 24h ago.

Itīs too early for me to have a type specific blood test (will have to wait until 12 weeks have passed) but Iīm dying to find out which type I have! I know herpes presents itself differently in every person and I know all the stats about hsv-1 and hsv-2 genitally (done tons of research on the net), but Iīd like to get some personal experiences.

Has anyone had this groin pain (swollen lymph) after the primary ob? And no visible symptoms (like I said, I canīt be sure, but nothing really jumps out down there)? Skin sensitivity or pain?

Iīd like to add that my first period since my primary just finished. Donīt know if this is important info.

All input wellcome!

beaker24 04-19-2005 04:39 PM

Re: hsv-1 and hsv-2 differences?
I didn't have groin pain but I did have tenderness and irritation in the genital area for a few months after contracting genital type 1 and I found I couldn't use scented soaps etc any more. A woman's menstrual cycle can influence her outbreaks, although it's not the case for everyone (it doesn't seem to have affected me so far for oral or genital type 1).

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