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hsvmom 06-06-2005 07:46 PM

Herpes is hereditary??? Blah!
I tell ya'...the lack of accurate information about herpes just irritates the daylights out of me!

I post on another forum where we discuss our kiddos and such. I came across a post a few weeks ago about a mom with herpes and how to prevent transmission and yada yada. That's not the interesting part.

I scroll down a bit and read responses and read that herpes is HEREDITARY!!! Now...of ALL the things I've read about herpes, I think that is the MOST misinformed I've ever read! Now, I suppose I can't fault someone for sharing info they genuinely believed to be accurate. But how in the world can someone protect their families when they are getting answers like that?

In her defense...I suppose herpes can appear to be hereditary. If even one person acquires oral herpes and everyone shares those sweet sloppy baby kisses or whatever, than yeah...everyone's going to acquire it! And when a whole family of people have cold sores, it might [i]seem[/i] hereditary. I missing something? Herpes is NOT it? I mean...I know the answer, unless I missed something somewhere! I am so disappointed in the continuing lack of education for people in general.

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