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Oceanus 01-26-2006 10:41 PM

Diagnosis Update
I have been posting on here for awhile now, pretty early on since I thought I was first infected with herpes. I have learned a great deal from this and other sites. I have been tested 3 times with blood tests and all times it has been negative. I was most recently tested and diagnosed to be herpes free back on Dec 16th, 20 weeks post possible exposure.

My symptoms continue to persist though on an almost daily basis with some type of irritation going on down yonder. Sometimes it's mild and barely noticeable, while other times, usually at night, it gets worse. Sometimes it just burns (feels like a lit match to the skin, ouch!), tingles and irritates, while other times there is a small sore or redness.

Anyway, I haven't been able to get over the idea that I may still have herpes since my symptoms are relentless and pretty on track with herpes symptoms. So Wednesday, two days ago, I went back to Planned Parenthood to be tested yet a FOURTH time! The same nurse practitioner that examined me the first time there asked me why I was back again since I was negative for everything STD related. She talked to me a bit and explained she's never seen anyone take longer than 12-16 weeks to become positive. She said she'd take my money again though and retest me once again. So I was tested again using HerpeSelect IgG for types I & II. I should know my results in a few days. I will update everyone then.

Today I went to see my primary care doctor who gave me a referrel to see an infectious disease specialist to have a complete work-up done. I got a copy of my prior HSV I & II results to show him/her when I go and by that time I'll know my most recent results too. BTW, it's now been 25 1/2 weeks since possible exposure (over 6 months). My PCP still thinks the IgM test is good at detecting HSV. I thought that was funny and told him no, the only test one should use is a IgG type specific one like HerpeSelect. It's so true that doctors need us to educate them too! I'm not surprised though, he's just a PCP, not an expert in any particular area.

Just thought I'd give an update on my situation. It just goes to show you, what sometimes looks like herpes, may not always be herpes! It's important to get tested and know for sure!! When I know my results this 4th time I will post it. Here's praying it's still negative!! :)

keepsgoin 01-27-2006 05:20 AM

Re: Diagnosis Update
If it's not herpes, I sure hope that someone can diagnose your condition. Good luck!

outofmind 01-27-2006 12:44 PM

Re: Diagnosis Update
I don't want to discourage you, but I just wanted to offer living proof that someone can take longer than 12-16 weeks to test positive. I know exactly when I got infected, and I had a positive culture with my initial outbreak. My last test was 20 weeks after exposure and it came out negative. I know I have herpes because I had a positive culture. BUT I also had two small sores a few days after a sexual encounter, with the lymphnode pain/swelling, so everything kind of adds up.
Have you had any sores, or just the weird burning feelings? I honestly think you should accept your negative status and put herpes out of your mind. I think you'll find that once you do that, your symptoms might go away. The mind can be a powerful thing! When I was first diagnosed I felt every tingle on my body because I was so focused on something being wrong. I don't know what is going on with you, but maybe you are just putting so much attention to that area that your mind is playing tricks on you, so to say.
Hopefully you will have another negative test and be able to put it to rest once and for all!

Oceanus 01-28-2006 10:27 AM

Re: Diagnosis Update

Thank you for your words of advice. I am a bit puzzled though because you say you tested negative 20 weeks post exposure, but you're advising that I should accept my negative results that I had done at 20 weeks post exposure? I really cannot do that unless I finally find out what is indeed wrong with me. Yes, I do get a small sore here and there after there is burning, itching and redness that develops. I never have white, big sores though. I have never had swollen lymph nodes or fever or bad headaches. My symptoms started about 22 days post a sexual experience in which we used a condom. All the healthcare workers say I should feel confident it's not herpes at this point.

Everyday I experience some type of tingling sensation and sensitive area down yonder. The area is not always in the same place, but sometimes it is. However, as time has gone by my symptoms have been getting less severe. I sometimes take a day's worth of acyclovir to help with the pain if it gets bad. I try to be stingy on how much acyclovir I take because I hate taking drugs and it costs money.

Two questions for you: can you recommend a place online (without saying the site name) that discusses how some people may take longer than 12-16 weeks to show positively for herpes? And my other question was what type of blood test did you get done that showed you were negative at 20 weeks? I think I used the best type, HerpeSelect IgG type specific.

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