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Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

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Old 02-24-2006, 08:56 PM   #1
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AgainsttheWind HB User
Question Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

I have been taking 500mg of Valtrex as supressive therapy for 2 months and it has not made my sores go away! I am wondering if any of you have had this problem? If so, please tell me what works for you.
I have been having an outbreak since Thanksgiving! I am definitley under too much stress. Can anyone tell me what to do to make my stress less?
I talked to my gynocologist's office, and they said that they were going to prescribe me Famvir, but my insurance doesn't cover it. It's 700 bucks for a month supply supply of it and I cannot afford that. What medicines are available to treat herpes that are not expensive like Famvir?

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Old 02-25-2006, 08:00 AM   #2
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Oceanus HB User
Re: Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

I think the best thing to do is try to avoid suppressive prescription medication. They haven't been proven to help your body fight the virus and prevent future outbreaks once you get off of it.

In my opinion the best thing to do is research about different home remedies and try them. See which ones help you. I've read in books and online. I've read DMSO with hydrogen peroxide has substantially lessoned some people's outbreaks. I have not resorted to trying it though because it is a type of solvent from wood processing. Solvents are not good for the body. Choriphor sounds like it has helped some people. But is contains sulfur that isn't good for you either.

Right now I'm just resorting to OTC vitamins. I take a daily garlic pill which I've read helps. I take bovine thymus, which I've read is good. It's in some homeopathic meds I already take so just happen to have already. I've read Melissa Officianalis is good too as an ointment. It's also called Lemon Balm. I plan on buying that at some point. Tea Tree oil diluted with water is good as an ointment. So is hydroden peroxide. Opening a capsule of vitamin E onto a sore helps it to heal too.

I don't know how bad your OBs are or how long you've been suffering with them. But I have read the first year is the worst. I only get one tiny sore at a time, but I do get them frequently. I am hoping since they are so small that my body is putting up a good fight and soon the OBs will be fewer and further between. I think the best, and most long lasting way to become OB free is to strengthen your immune system so it can fight off the invader. I highly recommend going to see a chiropractor

Just wondering, have you tried Acyclovir? It is a lot cheaper than Valtrex and has been known to work in some people who haven't had good results with Valtrex. I bought some from Planned Parenthood for $10 a bottle. You may also want to get examined again to see if some of your symptoms may be caused by something other than a herpes outbreak. Sometimes what seems like herpes may be herpes and something else. For example, a yeast infection.

Old 02-27-2006, 06:18 PM   #3
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ReadnWrite HB User
Re: Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

Try Valtrex 1 Gram daily. It will prolly help.
What also helped me was tons of garlic during out breaks. Raw garlic, fried garlic in olive oil, garlic pickle, garlic in every food, u name it and I did it. What it did at the start was made my out breaks go absolutely wild, but i didnt stop taking garlic, and only after 6 months, I am almost out break free.

Old 02-27-2006, 11:28 PM   #4
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HotMomma HB User
Unhappy Re: Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

Man, I appreciate all the opinions, but there is a lot of confusing words on here. I am on suppressive Valtrex and it was working... bringing me some peace of mind although I am not one to take meds for no reason.

I read on here about strengthing my immune system to prevent OBs, so I bought a large box of garlic tablets (supposedly oderless, which it is not.) All of a sudden now just a couple days into it, I am having all the symptoms of an OB, which I haven't had in many long months!! What the heck? Usually, I get symptoms for 2 days, no OB, and it goes away.

Are you guys SURE that are writing about the benefits of garlic that it is worth doing for the long term results? Has anyone found that the garlic did not work at all for them and it was a long mess??

Just curious, as I am not sure whether to proceed or just stop all together now. Thanks much for more input on this!

Old 03-01-2006, 10:48 PM   #5
happiness is
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happiness is HB User
Re: Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

I'm following this thread with interest as I am in the same boat; not much success with the medications. I have had herpes since the mid 1980's. Up until three years ago, my outbreaks were infrequent; perhaps 2 or 3 times a year. For the past three years (following an extremely stressful period in my life), the virus seems to have taken on a life of it's own. It's getting worse, not better. It feels like I'm either having an outbreak or having shedding symptoms almost every day. About 6 months ago I started on a suppressive dosage of Famvir. Nineteen days ago I decided to start tracking what was happening. Even with the Famvir, my score for the past 19 days is: O/B = 7 days (2 separate O/B for a total of 7 days). Shedding symptoms (tingling/burning) = 6 days. Clear with no O/B and no symptoms = 5 days. It seems crazy that I'm spending a fortune on these pills and yet I have had only 5 clear days in the last 19 days. Several years ago I tried a different one (perhaps Valtrex) and also had no success with it. Maybe I'm just one of the unlucky people whose system just isn't affected by the medication. I am going to continue to track this daily for the next 4 months while staying on the same suppressive medication. I will then go off it and track it again for another 4 months and will compare. I am truly at my wits end and have no idea how to stop or at least greatly decrease my symptoms. I do believe that there are many many people who have had great success with these types of medications. I just wish I was one of them!!

Old 03-04-2006, 03:24 PM   #6
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Oceanus HB User
Re: Valtrex isn't working--HELP!

I bought a book that somone on here recommended called Never an Outbreak. S/he said it worked for him and he hasn't had an OB since. It has some very interesting information in it and claims to know the way to end all outbreaks. I have not done what it says yet, so cannot yet vouge for it. But it sounds like it could work. It calls for using 70% DMSO cream on the areas you have OBs and on the base of your spine about 3X/day when symptoms first start to prevent the sore from forming and lesson the duration if the sore has formed. This will prevent most or all OBs in some. Then to use BOL (Breath of Life) stabilized liquid oxygen for 3-4 months to alkalize the body to prevent future OBs altogether. It also recommends a diet high in alkaline foods and low in acidic foods. Don't be confused and think lemons or oranges are acidic, they're actually alkaline. The books lists what foods to eat more of and what to eat less of. I find it to be very convincing and knowledgeable. I am planning on ordering DMSO 70% cream first and trying it out and then BOL sometime later. I am not trying to say it definitely is the answer because I haven't tried it yet, but I am willing to give it a try. The author says we need to increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies to increase pH levels and in that capacity we are decreasing the acidity. Our bodies need oxygen to fight off invaders like viruses and this day and age people's bodies are too acidic because they don't get enough oxygen and this lowers our resistence to infection and diseases. Hope this helps you all and this information will benefit us all.

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